iA Writer for iPad Updated – Adds Retina Font and More

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iA Writer

iA Writer, the superb writing app for your iPad, was updated towards the end of last week – to Version 1.5.2.

One of the headline new features is this one:

Retina font for the new iPad

This was already a gorgeous and simple app to write with, this latest update just enhances the experience on the new iPad.

Here’s the remainder of the change list for this update:

– New documents saved in last storage used

– Modified landscape top bar on iPhone

– Improved full screen scrolling

– Improved text transitions

– VoiceOver optimizations

– Fixes and Enhancements

That first item is another very welcome change. I use iCloud as the default storage location and it’s much easier now that I feel I don’t need to check that when creating new documents in iA Writer.

Here’s an App Store link for iA Writer; it’s priced at $0.99.

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3 thoughts on “iA Writer for iPad Updated – Adds Retina Font and More”

  1. The killing feature of IAWriter is the forward/backward word-to-word keyboard’s keys: with this feature, it is quicker to key-jump to a mispelled word, completely delete it and rewrite it… instead of positionning on the wrong character using the finger…

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