iA Writer Updated – Adds Dropbox Folders and iCloud Support

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iA Writer – one of the best writing apps for the iPad – has been updated today, to Version 1.4.

The two big changes in this update are the support for Dropbox folders and iCloud support. You can now add a new Dropbox folder directly from within iA Writer – so you are no longer forced to save all your documents to the /Writer folder.

This update also adds Dropbox online editing and some unspecified ‘fixes and enhancements’.

As far as the iCloud support goes, so far I find it clumsy and of almost no use. When I choose to save a file to iCloud in the iPad app, I don’t see it all from the Mac version of Writer. Likewise, when I move a document to iCloud in the Mac version of Writer (because you cannot save directly to iCloud) it does not show up in the iPad version of Writer.

I’m probably missing something obvious here, but if there is no sync or visibility between Mac and iPad versions of the app for documents stored in iCloud then for me it seems useless, and far inferior to the superb Dropbox service.

Even if the files from both iPad and Mac are being reliably backed up via iCloud, if there’s no sync then it’s going to be very easy to get muddled up about which is the latest version of a document.

If any of you know how to make Writer ‘see’ documents stored in iCloud between the iPad and the Mac, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Update: The iA Writer developers have acknowledged this is a problem. They’ve called it ‘an iCloud birth defect’ and suggested this fix:

We’re very sorry for this; this seams to be an iCloud birth defect popping up on some installations. To get rid of it, please backup, then turn off "Documents & Data" in iCloud settings then on again — if needed both on Mac and iOS devices.

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One thought on “iA Writer Updated – Adds Dropbox Folders and iCloud Support”

  1. Nothing beats Dropbox. Unfortunately, Apple has never been good at syncing. iDisk and its later incarnation, MobileMe were so terrible, buggy, and lost files that Apple is shutting them down. But its iCloud has a long way to go. While Apple is maniacal about the simplicity of its hardware, it never really figured out the secret of seamless syncing.
    Steve Jobs wanted to buy Dropbox, but they would not sell.
    It is really sad that brilliant Apple marketing and all the hoopla about seamless iCloud fails to deliver. Again.

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