IBM Bringing Lotus Apps to the iPad ‘as fast as possible’ [iPad Apps]

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An IBM official told Forbes that the company not only wants to reach out to the small-but-growing number of iPhone users in the enterprise, but also use the new applications as a starting point from which to build App Store software for the forthcoming iPad.

"Our customers are looking at the iPad and they’re excited about it," said Alstair Rennie, IBM’s manager of Lotus software. "No one quite knows its use patterns yet, but it’s our intention to deliver as much of our portfolio as possible on it as fast as possible."

Good news if you’re a Lotus Notes user, through your work or just for fun (???), and a soon-to-be iPad owner.  IBM is planning to release Lotus corporate collaboration software ‘sometime near the debut of the hardware’.

The other thing that stands out in this Apple Insider article about IBM’s plans for bringing Lotus applications to the iPad is their strong words about how enthusiastic they feel business users are about the iPad.

Rennie said IBM expects the iPad to be popular among executives who plan to use the device for both personal and business purposes.

"Peoples’ lives don’t segment neatly between work and home," he reportedly said. "The iPad gives people what will probably be a home device, but they’re still going to want to access a full suite of business software on it."

Although I’ve got no need for Lotus apps on the iPad or elsewhere, I am very glad to see that IBM – probably the single biggest name in the computer industry that’s associated with business computing / enterprise computing – saying they feel this is a device that business users are going to go for.

What do you all think?  Any Lotus Notes (or other Lotus software) users here?

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2 thoughts on “IBM Bringing Lotus Apps to the iPad ‘as fast as possible’ [iPad Apps]”

  1. Definitely needed; I will use the iPad for both work & leisure and for me work means Notes. If we can get full DB compatability and not just mail, contacts and calendar – super

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