IKEA Releases IKEA Catalog for iPad

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Here’s an app my wife is going to love – along with many others I imagine. IKEA – the hugely popular Swedish furniture retailers – have launched the IKEA Catalog for iPad app this week.

Here’s the short intro for the new app:

Welcome to the 2012 IKEA Catalog for the iPad. The printed IKEA Catalog has been around for more than 60 years, but this is the first version for the iPad. Just like the printed 2012 IKEA Catalog, the iPad version is filled with our latest affordable home furnishing solutions for making the most of the space you have, no matter how big for small your home is. The iPad version features movies and sound to make it even more useful for you. As always, the IKEA Catalog is free of charge.

The app’s full name is IKEA Catalog for iPad, IKEA USA – so I assume it is a US-specific catalog.

I’ve never yet set foot in an IKEA store – not due to any dislike of the chain, I’m just not a big furniture shopper kind of guy. I’ve had many friends who sing its praises though, and my wife is quite fond of their stuff too – and of course IKEA is immensely successful. So I expect this will be quite a popular download.

Here’s an App Store link for IKEA Catalog for iPad; it’s a free app.

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2 thoughts on “IKEA Releases IKEA Catalog for iPad”

  1. Thanks for information.
    I think shortly every business will follow this model: free iPad application with products catalog and prices. Ikea is a great retailer! They definitely have sense of taste and style.

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