I’m Finally a Fan of Reeder for iPad

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Reeder on iPad home screen

OK, I admit it – I’m finally a fan of Reeder for iPad. Just in case you’ve not heard of it, Reeder for iPad is an RSS app, and in this case specifically a Google Reader client, for the iPad.

I’m a huge devourer of news on the iPad – via Flipboard, via a number of good apps – but as much as anything via RSS apps. Up until very recently my favorite on the iPad was River of News. River of News is still a stellar app – and one we listed in our list of Best iPad Apps of 2011.

I have to thank / blame my friend Thomas for my recent discovery of Reeder for iPad. I had tried the app three or four times on the both the iPhone and the iPad and it had never won me over. But Thomas kept haranguing me with its virtues in every conversation we had where RSS and news apps came up. More than anything, he talked about its speed. In fact, he raved about its speed at every opportunity.

Reeder for iPad

I think in the past the subtle, muted UI of Reeder had put me off for some reason. Several days ago, after listening to Thomas sing its praises once again, I decided to give it another go on the iPad. This time round I got used to and started enjoying the understated UI. And I spent enough time with it to really start noticing the speed of the app. It is seriously fast, or more like blazing fast to be truthful. It’s fast at everything it does – refreshing all content when it’s opened, showing an article when its title is tapped on, marking all items as read – just every action I take within the app seems faster than any other RSS app I’ve used.

Its sync with Google Reader is also flawless and effortless and automatic.

My only complaint about the app is that it doesn’t let you set any sort of font size preferences; or if it does I haven’t spotted where.

As you can see in the screenshot at the top of this post, five days into giving Reeder another try it has now found a place on my iPad’s first home screen and I don’t see it moving out anytime soon.

Which RSS and news apps for iPad are your favorites?

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24 thoughts on “I’m Finally a Fan of Reeder for iPad”

  1. Yep, Reeder is amazing – saw this article in it! I’ve bought the app for each platform, and use each more than any other app, it’s simple, clear and works very well. If you aren’t using it already, go and get it!

  2. I’m with Rich, this is far and away my fave iPad app. I use it constantly, and use the desktop version too. Welcome to the dark (or muted, blazingly fast) side!

  3. Reeder WAS my fav reader, replaced by Mr. Reader, actually this is how Reeder should have been had it evolved…

  4. I was just about congratulate you on making the move to Reeder, which was the first and only news feed aggregator I’ve used on the iPad, but so many people mentioning Mr. Reader made me curious and…what can I say? I’ve switched!

  5. I started off with Feedler (after buying and not liking some of the main players like Reeder that were around at the time)…but I’ve just recently switched to Mr Reader which I LOVE and think this will be it for a long time to come!

  6. I too have switched from Reeder to Mr. Reader. The fact that you can selectively set and lock which service (Instaper, Readability, Read It Later, Web, or RSS) has made this the Google Reader for me. I love the fact I can open an article, that typically does not show all content in its standard RSS view, and have it automatically open with the service I have locked it to is the killer feature for me.

    Auto-marking articles as read as I scroll the list of articles up is great too. Once down at the bottom of the reading list, keep pulling up and it can mark all as read as well.

    There are so many useful features with Mr. Reader that this has app has made it too my dock.

    Reeder was my goto app until Mr. Reader came along.

  7. My favorite is flipboard. You even mention it in your article. I find it very fast. I’ve tried the others but always felt there was something missing. Flipboard make the feeds look nice, plus they’ve just upgraded it to use the new iPad retina display. So it just looks amazing.
    I turned on the mark as read after page flip. I use it everyday. Don’t think I could switch to anything else.

      1. Sorry, but that one looks horrible to me. I don’t think I could spend 5 minutes reading / browsing in that interface.

  8. Intoo suggest you try Mr. Reader. We follow hundreds of RSS feeds every day to find and filter the best content for our readers and once our staff switched to Mr. Reader we never looked back! Reeder hasn’t been used since!
    Mr. Reader just keeps on getting better and better with every upgrade, far outpacing their competition!

  9. Thanks to all of you who mentioned Mr. Reader. I installed it yesterday afternoon and I definitely agree it’s a very good app. It has a great, huge set of features and I really like that it has connections to Evernote and OmniFocus.

    I don;t like it UI as much as Reeder though, it’s just a bit too busy for my taste – and it’s not as fast as Reeder.

  10. Hello, I downloaded iPad Reeder but can’t import my Google reader stream. I entered correct username and password but get message “password is in my keychain”. Google is very annoying. I already have google reader open in my tabs and am too afraid to close it as I’m afraid to lose it. Be grateful for your help.

  11. No I’m not investing in Reeder. Bought it for iPad but it won’t open…SO WASTED MY MONEY.
    Wouldn’t dream of getting it on my iMac because it’s a waste of time and money as it will not recognise my Google account details when I gave them.

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