In the Mood for Destroying a Ferrari? There’s an iPad App for That

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Destory My Car Ferrari Enzo iPad app

Feeling a little blue today? Too much pressure at work, Spring weather going crazy – just need to do some serious damage to a beautiful and hugely expensive vehicle? Or at least to a hugely expensive pretend vehicle on an iPad screen?

Well never fear – there’s an app for that and the app title isn’t pulling any punches: Destroy May Car: Ferrari Enzo.

No extra bells and whistles here either, just some good old fashioned pretend car destroying:

Part 1:
Honk the horn, turn on the head lights, emergency lights or turn signal lights. You can also burn some tire.
Part 2:
Find the objects on the stage (some are hiding) and use them to cause damage to the car. Move the object on the part of the car you think would cause damage and Double Tap.
Part 3:
Demolition time.

I guess maybe I’m a little stressed this morning – because I installed the app and gave it a try. Yup, just like it says on the box – do some damage and then Demoliton time.

Here’s an App Store link for Destroy My Car: Ferrari Enzo – just in case any of you are having a rough morning.

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