INKredible: Tablet Handwriting App That’s As Good or Better than Paper?

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INKredible approach

It’s impossible to ignore an approach that’s as good as this one from the folks behind the INKredible app. This a free handwriting app, from the team that created Notes Plus, that claims to offer a handwriting experience that is ‘as good as, if not greater than, pen on paper’.

That’s a lofty claim, but I have to say the demo video for the app is very impressive.

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10 thoughts on “INKredible: Tablet Handwriting App That’s As Good or Better than Paper?”

  1. Hi. I can’t seem to find INKredible, the App mentioned today on iPad insight. It doesn’t appear on the App Store choices. Can you assist me here? Thanks

  2. Here’s the problem… It doesn’t matter how good your app is when the stylus tip is the size of a grape. Accuracy and speed are the two things paper has going for it. Until Apple officially sanctions a stylus, and puts the right digitizer on there (Wacom or similar) handwriting is going to suck because while you can buy a decent stylus (iPen or Pogo Connect) you have no idea if it is going to work with the app you want it to work with.

    It amazes me that so many of these companies still ignore the Galaxy Note line of devices. Hell if an app like this was available on the Note line… I’d go buy one.

    1. Brandon, I will say that the Adonit Jot Script works great with this app and has a 1.9mm tip I believe and works via Bluetooth. I also tried a cheap stylus and it also worked great, so besides the annoyance of writing on glass, I think this app is pretty good.

  3. I have been painting first on the iPhone, before there were more than a couple apps for that purpose. And before there were any decent stylus’ and had far better control with the finest of lines with my finger. But what a relief when the iPad came out in 2010.
    It is only in the last 6 months I’ve begun using a stylus simply because the aim is a little better. I don’t use the bluetooth kind either. The thickness of the line–as everyone knows–is determined by the app’s settings with a simple stylus or your finger. This little handwriting gem has all kind of settings to gauge that. What a relief you can export it on a transparent background, too. I dropped it into a painting, on it’s own layer, sized it again and distressed the tone. I suppose I could also drop that into other apps where such nice pens are not available. However you use it, even if it’s only the fountain pen, it was a nice addition.

  4. Hi Brandon, you’re absolutely right about the stylus. While the folks at Apple designed their iDevices to be used with a finger, the company’s touchscreen devices beg to be used in other ways. Some people have taken up painting and drawing on the screen; others have made it their primary note-taking medium. There are those who enjoy using their fingers for these activities, but to be honest, a stylus is going to be a lot easier. The build quality, especially that of the stylus tip, might have a great impact on user experience. However, iPad users now have plenty of choices for a decent stylus that are currently available on the market, like Wacom Bamboo Stylus, Adonit Jot Stylus, Pencil by FiftyThree, to name but a few.

    Did you know INKredible is also available for Android and it works beautifully on the Galaxy Note. INKredible and S-Pen are great companions. You have to try it to believe it. It’s incredible!
    Check it out on Google Play Store, Brandon.

  5. So…, Notes Plus Team,

    As far as I know, Notes Plus is a more mature app, that sports synchronization and many other features that INKredible is lacking of. Am I wrong?

    So, my question is this: Is INKredible going to be updated with new synchronization and other features?

    And also: Do you recommend microfiber styli such as iFaraday or Lynktech Truglide, for instance?

    1. Hi Vicent,
      You’re right, Notes Plus is a complete solution for note-talking on iPad with powerful functions including Cloud back-up/synchronisation, Handwriting/typed-text note, Handwriting recognition, Audio Recording, PDF Annotation, Built-in Web Browser, Note Organising…and many more.

      INKredible is a LITE version of Notes Plus to demonstrate the inking, handwriting experience and testing our new automatic palm rejection technology. About your question, we will consider other features in next versions of INKredible as we’re currently on version 1.0

      “What stylus should I use with Notes Plus?” Hmmm, this common and interesting question has been asking all over the time. There are so many styli out there and we could not reach every single one of them but we do test several popular styli with Notes Plus. You can read more about what stylus to use in this article:

      Vicent, please share with us your experience with INKredible and Notes Plus, any feedback/suggestions are welcome.

  6. Hi Notes Plus Team,

    I really love your app. But I have some trouble with the sharing through email. It says i need to set up an email address- but how?? there is no button!

    Thank you for replying in advance! You have create a great app!

    kind regards

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