Intelligent Life Magazine for iPad – A Very Un-intelligent App

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The screencap above may seem a rather boring selection for a new iPad magazine app published by The Economist. It is – but it perfectly represents my experience with Intelligent Life magazine for the iPad, nearly a week after installing the app. After numerous attempts to download the sample and first issues, a couple of reinstalls of the app, and use on two different iPads, I’ve still seen exactly zero pages worth of content. The app utterly fails to download either of the (supposedly) available starter issues. On each attempt, it gets to what looks like less than 10% of the download and just stops, and stays stopped.

Judging by the poor two-star ratings and complaints from users in the App Store, I’m far from the only one seeing these and other major issues with the app.

Major bugs and issues can afflict just about any app – but seeing that there is no update two weeks after release is way beyond disappointing. Especially with an app that has been released by a large and prestigious publisher like The Economist. I would expect a small indie publisher to address severe issues like this app has in a timely manner, nevermind a blue-chip one like The Economist.

So far, Intelligent Life is a strikingly un-intelligent offering.

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4 thoughts on “Intelligent Life Magazine for iPad – A Very Un-intelligent App”

  1. Looks like The economist brings the same insight and accuracy to their development as they do to their "journalism".

  2. I found it painful to get the mags to download also. Waste of time over 3G and not much better with wireless

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