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iPad App Store staff favorites

The iPad App Store went live this afternoon. Or, more accurately, iPad apps are now live on the App Store.  There’s no separate app store for iPad apps as far as I can see so far.

After all these weeks of anticipation and app developers having to be cagey about plans and dates for iPad app releases, it is great to see a large number of major apps ready with custom iPad versions – including lots of familiar icons for some iPhone favorites.

I’ve spent a fair while nosing around the App Store and checking out the new iPad apps, and I’ve got some quick first impressions on how things look, on which notable apps are in there, and on iPad apps pricing.

Here are my quick thoughts on the iPad Apps in the App Store on Day 1 (or Launch Day Minus 1.5 Days really):

Navigation / Finding iPad Apps:

— Right now, iPad apps are getting most of the spotlight on the App Store home page.

— Among the featured apps are:

  • iPad App of the Week: (MLB) At Bat 2010 for iPad
  • The iWork apps – Pages, Numbers, Keynote
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Marvel Comics
  • Labyrinth 2
  • OminGraffle

— There is a button to click to switch between viewing iPhone or iPad apps in the App Store home page main window sections as well as in the sidebar when looking at top selling apps and similar.

— It’s more than a little awkward at the moment though.  For instance, if you click to view the What’s Hot section for iPad, then go and view an individual app from that section, when you hit the Back button the view will always revert to showing iPhone apps.  It does this for all sections.  Also, when you go deeper into the store – into individual app categories like Business or Productivity etc. – there isn’t any easy way that I saw to filter and view either only iPad or only iPhone apps.

— I would really like to see some options for splitting out iPad and iPhone at top level, and then being able to browse entirely within one side or other.

iPad Compatible Apps and Full-on iPad Versions of Apps

— I’m noticing some apps have covered all the bases in terms of how they’ve come to the iPad.  Things, the excellent todo manager app, for instance has a new updated version of its iPhone app that is ‘compatible’ with the iPad (which presumably means just tested and scaled up); but it also has a full-on Things for iPad app now.

— Things is among my most used and most favorite iPhone apps – so I am very interested to see its full new iPad version, as well as compare it to the scaled-up iPhone version.

Some Notable Apps Listed in the New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot, and Staff Picks Sections

Twitterriic for iPad

  • NetflixNetflix for iPad
  • SketchBook Pro from Autodesk
  • Fieldrunners for iPad
  • Papers
  • NFL 2010 HD\
  • Twitterrific for iPad
  • Twittelator iPad
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Marvel Comics
  • Star Walk for iPad
  • SoundHound
  • Box.net app
  • Dr. Seuss’s ABC and The Cat in the Hat
  • Pandora
  • Plants vs. Zombies HD
  • Dragon Dictation
  • AP Mobile
  • Documents To Go Premium
  • Tap Tap Radiation
  • Words With Friends HD

Some Apps I’m Very Glad To See

Civilization Revolution for iPad

  • Twitterrific for iPad
  • 1Password for iPad
  • Brushes iPad Edition
  • Pandora Radio
  • BBC News
  • Evernote
  • Civilization Revolution for iPad
  • Several good-looking weather apps

— I really can’t wait to give Civilization Revolution for iPad a try.  I wanted so much to like it on the iPhone, but just didn’t enjoy it on the small screen.  It should be much nicer with all that lovely iPad screen area to play with.

*** Some of these look like ‘just’ iPad compatible versions, most look like full-on iPad versions though.

iPad Apps Pricing

— It definitely feels higher than iPhone pricing so far.  Considerably higher. Here are some examples I noted:

  • The iWork Apps: $9.99 each
  • Netflix – free
  • SketchBook Pro – very promising drawing app from Autodesk: $7.99
  • Twitterrific for iPad: free
  • Twittelator iPad: $4.99
  • Flight Control HD: free
  • Wall Street Journal: free
  • Marvel Comics: free
  • Minigore HD: $4.99
  • NPR for iPad: free
  • 1Password for iPad: $6.99
  • Brushes – iPad Edition: $9.99
  • NFL 2010 HD: $6.99
  • Real Racing HD: $9.99
  • Bento for iPad (Filemaker Pro app): $4.99
  • Toy Story 2 – Read-Along: $8.99
  • Documents To Go: $14.99
  • Things for iPad: $19.99
  • Things (compatible with iPad): $9.99
  • The Cat in the Hat – Dr. Seuss: $2.99
  • Pandora Radio: free
  • USA Today: free
  • BBC News: free
  • Plants vs. Zombies HD: $9.99
  • Dragon Dictation: free
  • (MLB) At Bat 2010 for iPad: $14.99
  • Civilization Revolution for iPad: $12.99
  • Tap Tap Radiation – the iPad version of Tap tap Revolution: free
  • Words with Friends HD: $4.99

*** A few of the free apps listed above are likely to be ‘freemium’ – with in-app purchase of a subscription or similar required.  Apps like the Wall Street Journal and Marvel Comics and others are likely to use such a model, but I did not see any detail on this on their main pages as yet.

    Some Interesting Looking Newcomers

    Notability iPad app

    • Notability – versatile, powerful sounding notes app
    • Masque – Photo FX app
    • Granimator – ‘sound-based’ creative wallpaper creator
    • Toy Story 2 – Read-Along
    • NYT Editors’ Choice

    So … I’ve already got a short list of iPad apps I want to get.  A short list that is already not very short. How about you all – what do you think of the iPad apps you’re seeing in the App Store?  What’s on your short list?

    Patrick Jordan

    Founder and Editor in Chief of iPad Insight. Husband, father to a lovely daughter, Commander of the Armies of the North, dog lover (especially Labs), Austinite, former Londoner, IT consultant, huge sports nut, iPad and mobile tech blogger, mobile apps junkie.

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    9 thoughts on “iPad App Store – First Impressions”

    1. I totally agree… There definitely should be some sort of filter system. It's hard enough finding iPhone apps and this will not make things easier. I can see this setup confusing people. As far as apps go there are too many I want to try. Of course the Marvel app but I am disappointed with DC Comics again. I want to read a Superman comic, no offense Spidey….

      My iPad Wish List:
      Plants vs. Zombies
      MLB.com At Bat
      Flight Control
      Let's Golf

      Just a few to get started…

    2. One caveat about those "free" iPad apps, some of them require subscription services, like the Netflix app and some of those newspaper apps. Turns out "Free" can sometimes mean "$14.99/month"…

    3. I have already begun getting Apps!

      I purchased pages and numbers from Iworks suite. I didnt get keynotes because Im not sure whether I would use it.

      I also got:

      Sketchpad HD

      Im way too excited. I have everything ready for syncing so that I can fully enjoy!




    4. My list:
      Words with Friends HD
      TowerMadness (if it's out) or some other tower defense game
      Whatever the best driving game is out
      NBA stats app
      Some stocks tracking app to replace the no Stocks app on iPad :(

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