iPad Apps Coming Soon: PhotoFramePlus from Chilli X

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PhotoFramePlus iPad app

Chilli X – makers of PhotFrame for iPhone – have announced the upcoming release of their new PhotoFramePlus for the iPad.

The ‘Plus’ in the app’s name is based on the thought that ‘Apple’s implementation of the photo slideshow left a lot to be desired‘.

Here’s more features and description from Chilli X:

Not only does PhotoFramePlus’s default display add the time, date and a monthly calendar but tapping on the bar at the bottom brings up a useful year view calendar (which is missing from Apple’s Calendar app). You can page back and forth through the years and the calendar even supports week numbers (also missing from Apple’s App).

PhotoFramePlus ships with a selection of beautiful photos already installed and we’ll be making more sets freely available on the web site. Of course, you can add your own photos and swap easily between multiple galleries.

PhotoFramePlus even intelligently crops and scales your photos to fill the screen regardless of orientation (something that Apple’s own slideshow doesn’t).

PhotoFramePlus for iPad

The developers are not sure as yet whether PhotoFramePlus will be in the iPad App Store on Day 1, but they say that if it’s not, it should be shortly afterwards.

This is an app I’ll be keen to try out as I think the iPad is going to make a spectacular photo frame when it’s not in use.

To keep up with news on this one and other Chill X apps, check out their site here:


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