iPad Apps Coming Soon: Wormhole Remote – Slick Wireless Access to Your Mac Applications

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Wormhole Remote iPad app

Wormhole Remote, coming soon to the iPad, is an app that gives you easy wireless access to the apps running on your Mac, right from your iPad.  The app’s creator is Nate True – former iPhone Dev Team member, and a very talented developer and inventor.

The app looks great in screencaps and it is another one I am very keen to see.

Here are a few of its key features:

  • Uses Bonjour for quick and easy connection
  • Supports mouse click, double click, right click, dragging, and scrolling
  • Clipboard integration copies and pastes rich text, images, and audio
  • Full iPad/iPhone keyboard support including international characters
  • Swipe left and right to move quickly through recent windows
  • ‘Pin’ feature turns Wormhole Remote into a second screen for any window

And a few more sceenshots:

Wormhole Remote for iPad

Wormhole Remote


There’s no firm release date for Wormhole Remote as yet – but it is due to be coming soon. In the meantime, you can get more info and check out a nice video demo (that runs nicely in Safari on the iPad!) here:


If you watch the demo video, be sure to stay with it until the very end – the closing line is priceless. It will make people like you! :)

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9 thoughts on “iPad Apps Coming Soon: Wormhole Remote – Slick Wireless Access to Your Mac Applications”

  1. I wonder how the response time is? Ie, will it be a "pleasant and productive" experience, or will there be network latency?

    If it works, this could conceivably upset my plans to update my aging PB G4 with a MacBook Air. Instead, I could get a beefed up Mac Mini (with rumored HDMI), use the TV as it's display, then get an iPad for accessing it most of the time.

  2. I have been fiddling with the app on my iPad and it seems to work well enough. One thing that I want to let other readers know is that it currently doesn't work with a lot of my apps. The support site says applications written using Carbon won't show up. It sees these apps but they don't show up on the screen. Mail and Vienna worked for me, but not iTunes or Opera.

    The interface is much different from other remote-access apps I've used in that it doesn't show the whole screen, instead it shows the program window you are currently working in only.

    I'm sure with more work this will be a great way to use my Mac outside on the porch or my couch, but not with these current limitations.

    One last thing I have noticed is that it doesn't like it when the Mac display is sleeping. At the least I would like the option to toggle the display on or off remotely as needed.

    I hope these wrinkles are ironed out, as I really don't see the need for a full-blown program like iTeleport (which I use on the iPhone) for something on the same network.

    That's just my observation after very minimal use. I have high hopes!

    Oh, and there is a universal app for iPad and iPhone for $6.99 and an iPhone only version for $2.99.

    1. I think this is much less a remote access app and much more a wireless remote type app. Or at least that's how I see using it so far. iTunes works well for me by the way.

      1. I noticed that iTunes works today when I tried it. It would appear, from my tinkering, that it needs the windows to be opened and not minimized to the dock. They don't have to have focus, but they need to be open.

        I did find something amusing today. Using Path Finder (which works great with Wormhole) I had EyeTV open and showing over part of the Path Finder window (EyeTV is set to always on top). While EyeTV doesn't work with Wormhole, I could see the video feed while it was on top of Path Finder. Not that I would watch it, as it is around 1 FPS, but I thought it interesting.

        I also noticed that some programs have to have their windows open to work. I think that was the case with iTunes. Otherwise it just shows the menu command, and sometimes there are no commands.

        With the programs that are fully supported and open everything works great. Love the way the program uses the menus instead of having to zoom in and try and use the tiny drop-downs from the programs themselves.

        I agree that this isn't a full remote-access app, and I actually prefer the way Wormhole is doing things. I think it will be a terrific program in the future. Hopefully with the pedigree of its creator all of its potential will be realized. He seems to be very active in Twitter and has a lot of new features planned in the coming weeks.

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  4. The newest version of the Wormhole Server software, 1.04, solves many of the issues I was having previously. I am thrilled to see the developer working to iron out the issues people have reported and continuing to add additional functionality.

    Top notch product now and only looks to be getting better.

    I appreciate you giving this app the attention it deserves, Patrick. Otherwise I would have likely never heard of it.

    1. Cool – glad to hear your issues are getting knocked off. I have to agree – it is always great to see a developer looking after an app like this.
      Thanks for the kind words as well Lucion.

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