iPad Apps I Want to See: A Real Killer Notes App

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iPad Notes app

While the built-in iPad Contacts, Calendar, Mail, and Photos app looked new, improved, and spruced up; the Notes app didn’t look very much different to the one we know and don’t really love on the iPhone.

I just about never use the built-in Notes app on the iPhone.  Instead I use Evernote, Notes Pro and others to do notes for app reviews and everything else.  None of them has me totally convinced though.  Evernote has lots of power and features than go beyond just note-taking, but it’s interface for inputting and editing text is lousy.  Notes Pro has a far nicer input interface but it lacks a good sync solution (offering only one way export to Google Docs).

The iPad’s lovely big screen should make it a great device for taking notes on.  I really hope somebody is going to bring us a real killer notes app for the iPad.  I don’t mind if it’s Evernote, Notes Pro, one of the many other iPhone notes app publishers, or someone brand new.

I just want to see a note taking app that does sync seamlessly like Evernote does, does text entry and editing very nicely, and maybe throws in a few bells and whistles (though not too many please).

Anyone else looking for a killer notes app for the iPad?  Or already have one you think will fit the bill?

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12 thoughts on “iPad Apps I Want to See: A Real Killer Notes App”

  1. I use Simplenote as my main notes app. It offers two-way syncing between your iPhone and the web. I like the web UI of it as well the iPhone UI. Sometimes the syncing overlaps some of the edits you've made to a note, but having the ability to sync it makes up for any small issues.

    1. I've tried Simplenote and never quite got to like it as much as Notes Pro. Mostly because (even very limited) sync with Google Docs works well for me.

  2. AwesomeNote is one I haven't got round to trying yet – may give it a look soon. I think you're right that a notes app that lets you combine typing, sketching and so forth would be quite compelling. I can't sketch my way out of a paper bag but I'd still vote for something like that :)

  3. I am out in the field doing site surveys for clients where I am writing down notes on paper all the time. If I could have a great, thin, light pad like this with a killer Notes app, I would purchase in a heartbeat. I would love to have a felt tipped stylus to hand write my notes. They also missed the boat with no camera. I would love to be able to snap a pic and put it in the middle of my notes. Probably iPad v2 will do this for me. Need to be able to sync back to my desktop. Hoping for either Evernote or something similar to OneNote on PC.

  4. The iPad just SCREAMS for a native Evernote on crack. Keyboard, Photos, Voice, Video, and Ink, all combined and all tagable and searchable. Evernote comes the closest so far, but they miss the boat on ink and video. Combine all of these into one app, and you have a killer that fits the way anyone wants to take notes. Why doesn't Apple just wise up and buy Evernote and build on their expertise with real, usable Cloud services. I guess it makes too much sense.

  5. Being a college student I think a great note taking app is very
    necessary for the ipad. It would need to be able to switch from
    sketching ability (drawing pictures,and writing quick notes with your
    finger with different colors) to keyboard input with a seamless touch
    of an onscreen icon. The thing that would make a superior application
    for taking notes would be multiple-angle keyboard text input.
    Basically, with a swipe of the finger you should be able to dictate
    the angle at which text is entered on the screen (e.g. Swiping my
    finger at a 45 or 60 or 70 or 90 degree angle, or any angle, would
    thus make the text be input at that angle on the screen). This would
    be idle for entering text around a picture you have drawn on screen,
    or entering a note in the margin just like you would if you were
    taking notes with pen and paper. I think that ability would make the
    ipad the ultimate school electronic device hands down!

  6. Obviously,
    there should be an elegant start up screen holding multiple
    notebooks. For that I actually like the startup screen for the iWork
    apps that have been shown. Finally all this would be for not if there
    is not a very simple way to put your notes onto a home computer. Well
    this is my little idea, I think it could be an extremely useful app
    for the ipad for students as well as the corporate world. Not to
    mention, that if done write, meaning keeping it simple and not trying
    to make it more than it should be (because, think about it, a pen and
    paper doesn't do much, but they do what they do absolutely flawlessly)
    could be very profitable for the creators of such an app.

  7. Check out "School Notes Pro." Free app, and getting great reviews, and #2 in the utilities category.

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