iPad Apps I Want to See: WinAdmin, Remote Access Apps

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WinAdmin iPhone app

I’m spending a lot of time lately thinking about apps, and types of apps, that I’m really looking forward to seeing on the iPad.  More often than not I’m thinking about iPhone apps that would just reach a whole new level on the iPad.

Like remote access apps – those apps that allow you to remotely connect to a home computer or a server in a corporate environment if you’re a technical type.  There are a number of very good apps for the iPhone that provide this capability – from VNC apps to well-established services like LogMeIn.

My personal favorite for connecting to Windows machines running RDP (Terminal Services) is the excellent WinAdmin app.

As good as some of these remote access apps are, the reality is that the size of the iPhone screen makes things challenging to say the least.  You can certainly get a quick bit of admin work (e.g. add a new user on a server, reset a password) done or do some fast file viewing on a home computer, but for heavier lifting type activities the small screen can become quite a pain.

The iPad is a whole different story of course.  It should be a superb device for remote access apps.  My ‘day job’ is as an IT consultant / network engineer – and an iPad looks like it could become an essential tool for techies out in the field who need access to Windows or other remote systems.

What do you think?  Do you have any use for remote access apps?  If so, which are your current favorites / ones you’d like to see on the iPad?

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5 thoughts on “iPad Apps I Want to See: WinAdmin, Remote Access Apps”

  1. I agree, I use remote access to servers and into my media center. I currently use vnc, but on a larger screen would make it a lot easier. I would also like to see remote apps such as boxee improved, maybe with a fully interface with covers etc. Incorporating video playback would make this the ultimate companion to a media center!

  2. Great blog. We provide terminal services on the Mac platform, and have suggested WinAdmin for our iPhone users who wanted to access terminal services on the Mac for quite some time. We love the app here.

    – Aqua Connect

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