iPad Apps that Kept My Second-Grader Entertained While Home Sick from School

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My daughter is 7.5 years old and in second grade this year. She’ was home sick for the first four days of this week – with something viral and nasty that has thankfully now passed. She did a lot of resting and a lot of daytime TV watching during her days off – and grew bored of both after a couple of days.

Together we found a number of good iPad apps – mostly stories and books – to keep her and I entertained during the last couple of afternoons. Just in case any of you have not-so-little ones with time on their hands and a thirst for iPad entertainment, I thought I’d share some of the great apps we found and enjoyed this week. Hit the jump for just a very quick rundown of these …

Tiberius and the Mouse from the Moon


This is our second Tiberius story we’ve read on the iPad (the first was ‘Tiberius Goes to London’). These are great, gentle stories about the adventures of a mouse and his three friends – a timid dragon, a sneaky cat, and a croaky crow. They’re all fun to read and feature lovely illustrations. There’s no ‘Read to Me’ voiceover option in these, but this is a good thing at times, as you need to make the effort and read aloud with your kiddo.

This title goes for $7,99 and here is its iTunes link.

We also read Tiberius and the Magician.

Violet – Interactive Children’s Storybook


Another that’s part of a good series that we’ve read more than one of on the iPad. Violet is a young girl who dons a black mask and becomes Phantom Girl. In this story she sets her family’s clock an hour ahead one night and discovers the (happy) consequences of her action the next day.

The app has some fun interactive elements on many of its pages, which are always pleasing for young readers.

Price: $2.99

iTunes link

The Berenstain Bears: A Job Well Done


Once again, a second in a series for us. There are six Berentstain Bears titles for the iPad and iPhone in the App Store and we’ve tried two of them so far. This is a cute little story about the need to finish a job when you set out to do it. The illustrations are excellent and there are options to read it yourself or have it read to you.


iTunes link

Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race HD


A fresh take on the classic tortoise and the hare story, told all in rhymes. It’s got light, fun illustrations, some interactivity on its pages, and a nice voiceover.


iTunes link

Flick the Little Fire Engine


A very nice underdog story of a littlest fire engine who gets his chance to be a hero after being passed over by his bigger colleagues. This one has superb, lively animations and a wonderfully dramatic voiceover. There are even some very catchy little songs included within the text as well. Our only complaint was that the narration was flaky to invoke on several of the pages.

Overall, this is a story that really draws you in and is presented fantastically well.


iTunes link

Life for iPad


This was our go-to app in between stories, or while waiting for a new one to download and install. It’s just a spectacular collection of Life’s amazing photos through the years. It offers mountains of great content, spanning all sorts of subject areas.

We spent all our time with the Animals section, and could easily spend hours there. This is just the sort of app I want my daughter to get to know and appreciate.

Free – but supported by rather intrusive and annoying ads.

iTunes link

Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs


Saved the best for last. Who doesn’t love dinosaur books? Especially one from the folks at Encyclopedia Britannica, that is so much more than just a reference book. It’s packed with great photos and articles just as you’d expect. But it also offers an A-Z dinosaurs directory, a brush-off section to discover dino skeletons and try to identify which ones you uncover, jigsaw puzzles, a memory match game and more.

Just brilliant this one is. If your kid likes dinosaurs you may not need any others. Smile


iTunes link

There ya go. Those are the apps that brought some quality entertainment to Zoe and I during her last couple sick days this week. I’d recommend all of them and we’ll likely review several of them here soon.

What are some of your favorite kids book and story apps for the iPad?

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5 thoughts on “iPad Apps that Kept My Second-Grader Entertained While Home Sick from School”

  1. Two good books. Green Eggs and Ham and Dusty D. Dawg Has Feelings Too. The dusty book is completely free too.

    1. Yeah – we love the Dr. Seuss and several of the Seuss titles on the iPad too. Will look for Dusty soon, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the tip. My kids love the Britannica apps. We bought all three. I hope they come out with some new topics before Christmas!

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