iPad Apps to Avoid: Ringier Studios Champions League

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Ringier Studios Champions League: True Passion, Big Business is an iPad app to be avoided. It’s one of the very worst iPad apps I’ve seen in any category.

This will not be a comprehensive review because this app turned me off and pissed me off so much that I could not force myself to spend enough time with it to do one. Yes, it’s that bad, and worse.

Strike 1, 2, and 3 against it: when you first open this app (after it has been downloaded and installed from the App Store) you get to a splash screen and a download status bar starts. The app is not ready to go after being installed; not anywhere near ready. The status bar shows that it needs to download 380MB of something, there’s no indication of what. That’s a bad enough start, but then you get the better news – you cannot do anything at all in the app while you wait on the download, and the download is slower than slow.

What’s slower than slow, you might ask. Right around TWENTY MINUTES. Yes, you read that right. You launch this app and there is nothing whatsoever to do in it until you wait 20 minutes to have content downloaded.

I’ve never seen any iPad or iOS app that forces you to wait anywhere near that time to be able to use it. Even some of the iPad magazine apps with huge issue sizes offered issue previews, browsing through available issues, much faster download times, and generally  something approaching an acceptable experience when first opened. This app does not.

Honestly, if I wasn’t looking at this app for possible review I never would’ve bothered even waiting out its download. I would have deleted this halfway through its stupid and stupidly long download process without the slightest hesitation, as I imagine most users would.

So purely for the purpose of review information I waited out the download. When it finally ended the status bar switched to say ‘Installing’. Unbelievable. And it sat there doing that for a minute or so more.


When The Slowest Download and Install in the History of iPad Apps had completed, I browsed around the main sections of the app. Given how ridiculous and terrible the initial experience with this app was, it should come as no surprise that the actual content was poor as well. Here are just a few reasons why:

— The section pages are way too busy and garish looking. For instance, the page for Part 2 – ‘The Money’ opens with a video playing, images and text filling the screen around it, and animations and popups going on with various other page elements.


— Text is sparse. In the rundown of 15 great clubs, for example, there is one long paragraph on each final mentioned and just a few paragraphs on each club.

— The section on greatest goals and saves, which could be a highlight of any decent app on this subject, includes only 3D animations of the goals viewed from various angles. These 3D animations would be nice *in addition to* videos of the goals and saves. Here they are used instead of videos. A huge disappointment.

— I also found various places within the app where response to taps was slow or required multiple taps to get any response.

— The overall UI of the app is far too busy, ugly, and does not make navigation easy.

I should note that when I downloaded this app last night, my iPad 2 was on my home WiFi connection and connectivity was fine. Safari pages loaded quickly, App Store pages refreshed quickly and apps downloaded just as normal. Even so, just to be completely fair to this app, I deleted it and installed it fresh this afternoon – to see if perhaps my original experience was a horrible fluke of some kind. No such luck. Once again, it was a 20 full minutes from the time of opening the app to when it finished its initial download and ‘install’.

As I said at the outset this is a terrible app, definitely one to be avoided – which is a shame because I’d love to see a really good app about the Champions League.

Here’s an App Store link to Ringier Studios Champions League – just so you know exactly which app to avoid.

Ringier Studios provided a promo code to iPad Insight for the review of this app. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.

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