iPad iWork Apps Updated – Improved iCloud Support & Instant Sync with Mountain Lion

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iPad iWork Apps

Apple’s suite of iWork apps for the iPad and iOS – the Keynote, Numbers, and Pages apps – have been updated to improve iCloud support and instant document sync with their companion apps on the latest version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion.

Here’s the detail on the enhanced iCloud sync support. It’s taken from the Pages update change log, but it’s virtually identical for each of the three apps:

Pages 1.6.1 works with iCloud to make documents automatically available between your iOS device and Pages on your Mac*. Changes made to a document on one device are instantly available on the other.
*Requires Pages 4.2 or later installed on OS X Mountain Lion

I haven’t upgraded to Mountain Lion yet on my MacBook Pro – as I’m going to give it a few days to watch out for any major issues and make sure that all my most essential apps are fully compatible. So I haven’t been able to try out these updates and see how well they work as yet. If you’ve updated to Mountain Lion and updated your iPad iWork apps I’d love to hear how the new document sync is working for you.

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4 thoughts on “iPad iWork Apps Updated – Improved iCloud Support & Instant Sync with Mountain Lion”

  1. We are multiple IOS devices in our family and got used to documents being instantly in sync once you make changes on any device (iPad, iPhone). After the update to Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro and after updating the IOS and Mac iWork apps all that magic appears just the same way on my Mac.
    Also all other apps as far as I could test work just perfectly smooth with ML. I can only recommend to do the upgrade … you will love your Mac even more than before ;-)

    1. That’s great to hear – thanks for sharing. I’m very keen to get over to Mountain Lion. I may try to get my prep and backup work done and do the upgrade over the weekend – if I can feel confident enough that a couple of critical apps are fully compatible.

  2. I upgraded to ML after using the developer version up to the GM version. ALL apps work and they all work much faster. You shouldn’t have issues.

  3. I have upgraded to Mountain Lion but my documents on my Mac Mini do not automatically sync with my iPad. I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

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