iPad Show & Tell – Which Are Your Biggest Storage Hog Apps?

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iPad apps are a huge part of what makes the iPad such a magical device. And happily there are an ever-increasing number of great apps for the iPad. Great free apps, great productivity apps, great games, and apps for just about any purpose you can think of or subject you’re interested in.

It’s a given that the more time you spend with an iPad the more apps you’re going to accumulate. If your iPad is also home to a large collection of photos, music and videos you may find that at some stage storage space becomes an issue.

One of the nifty features of iOS 5 is that the Usage area of Settings now provides a good amount of information on how much space is being used by your music library and by all of your installed apps.

So I thought a bit of iPad Show & Tell on which apps are our biggest storage hogs might be fun. As you can see in the screencap above, my top three are Real Racing 2 HD, The Daily, and Back in Time. The Daily is a bit of a shocker as it does not even provide access to more than one day’s worth of issues.

Which are your biggest storage hog apps on the iPad?

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8 thoughts on “iPad Show & Tell – Which Are Your Biggest Storage Hog Apps?”

  1. I’ll play —

    If you don’t count the 4 GB of music and 4 GB of movies:

    1. GoodReader – 1.8 GB
    2. Asphalt 6 – 919 MB
    3. Numbers (WTF?) 183 MB

  2. CloudReaders is my biggie, but that’s because of all the old issues of Mad Magazine I have on my iPad. :)

  3. Hmm… even with semi-scrupulous cleaning, and not counting approx 6GiB Music and 4GiB of videos:

    Wired Magazine: 1.7GiB (3 issues)
    Navigon US: 925MiB
    Zinio: 637MiB
    Seattle Magazne: 469MiB (3 issues)
    GoodReader: 465MiB

    Man, I just realized the NewsStand mag/apps take around 300-600MiB PER ISSUE! WTF? LOL

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