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iPhoto for iPad (and iOS) was released earlier this week, on the same day as the new iPad announcement.

I installed the app Wednesday afternoon and have played around with it a bit over the last couple of days. As a quick impression, I’d say it’s a nice enough app but a little disappointing.

It’s a nice enough app as it lets you browse and select photos by albums and events, create journals, use gestures and multi-touch heavily, and do some editing and adding of effects to photos. Its auto enhance tool works nicely and it has a good range of sharing option that include beaming, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s disappointing because it doesn’t seem as easy to use or as feature-rich as many other excellent 3rd party photo editing apps for the iPad – including quite a few that are priced lower than iPhoto. For instance I think the UI is not as good as Photo Toaster or 100 Cameras in 1 (just to name a couple) and its range of effects and editing tools is much smaller than in many of the apps in this category.

Have any of you installed iPhoto on your iPads? If so, what do you think of it?

Here’s an App Store link for iPhoto for iPad; it’s priced at $4.99 and is a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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30 thoughts on “iPhoto for iPad – Disappointing?”

  1. I definitely wouldn’t classify it as disappointing. Like most apple products, they start off with a base and work from there. I think you’ll find, the other image editors you seem to prefer, also started out with minimal features to garner feedback. This is how development is supposed to progress…

  2. Yup, I agree. I just bought it also after a few experimentations… I went back using snapseed, this app is very easy to use and gives excellent result right away. Or maybe its just that Im not yet used using iPhoto, will see in a few days again.

  3. I really wish it would incorporate the ability to create and order a photo book like it does on the Mac. That would complete the package for sure.

  4. I downloaded it, but have not done anything with it, but I am interested in what others have to say

  5. I’m honestly a bit baffled by the growth of photo and video editing apps for the iPad. Unless you’re using the iPad to actually shoot the pics/video (which would be very uncomfortable) it seems awfully inconvenient to put the media on your iPad, edit it, and then put it on a computer or external hard drive for storage. I suppose if you’re on the road constantly and do a lot of editing it would be handy, but the workflow seems quite cumbersome.

    1. the key is photo stream. snap a picture on your iPHone and it shows up in your iPad. In addition, iPhoto now lets you beam photos from one device to the other so this isn’t that big of a deal. In addition, the iPad/iPhone can use the camera connection kit to transfer media from your camera to those devices..

    2. I use an eye-fi memory card in my canon SLR. So as I’m taking pictures they automatically upload to my iPad where I can edit them and send them straight to my synology home sever thru their iPad app. Or I make a video/slideshow right on my iPad and post it online. At a few friend’s weddings, I have my editted photos and slideshow up online just as the event ends. No need to wait a few days to relive it! I like iPhoto’s compare functionality to go thru the similar pictures and pull out the best ones. But agree so far the different effects and tweaks I have on other apps. I expect more updates to come.

  6. I’m not sure what I was expecting but as a whole I have to agree that I don’t think I’d recommend it to someone over the Apps you’ve mentioned or Snapseed which I find truly enjoyable UI wise.

    My biggest issue with the iPhoto App is the rampant skeuomorphism it uses throughout. Up to this point I’ve stayed away from jumping on the anti iOS skeuomorphic bandwagon but for some reason the overabundance of it in iPhoto is distracting to me. Especially when compared to the very touch friendly controls of Snapseed which are quite minimal but highly functional. I also find the grey background, “glass shelves” as well as the “Album” cover colors to be very ugly.

    I expected the iPhoto App to stand alone and not rely on the Photos app so much too. I guess in my mind the iPhoto would link to the library and the user would be able to create albums and do the photo management in iPhoto similar to the Mac version without ever needing to revisit the Photos App. Now Apple never promised that functionally so that disappointment is purely on me assuming it would be similar to it’s OS X counterpart.

  7. Before I bother with it one of the things I hoped to be able to do was search and browse the photos on my mac. I can use my apple TV to show people my snaps but want to be able to have a similar functionality on my iPad.

  8. Hi I installed on my iPad 1rst gen and I like it but now if the could put all the same features as the desktop version in it that would be great. To be able to delete photos from within the app would be a plus.

    1. iPhoto doesn’t work on iPad (first generation) so there is no way you could’ve installed it. (unless jb).

      As to this article. It’s total bull $hit. iPhoto is ten times better than Snapseed.

  9. It’s a nice app, but not more. I use snapseed and this is equal or even better then iPhoto.

  10. From the demo of the iPhoto app all I can see us the death of adobe. The ease if use will make this a great app.

    Btw snapseed is cumbersome because it doesn’t save automatically. My point is get use to an app it will be the preferred app

  11. Disappointing indeed. I miss the possibility to save pictures in the same ma as the original after editing. I also miss a drag and drop or cut and paste functionality to move pictures from one map to another map.

  12. The most amazing photo editing App ever made. Wonderful effects, sophisticated algorithms for B+W etc. as a pro photographer this is a great tool.

    One of its most amazing features is creating a web page and publishing it in a matter of seconds.

    Disappointing it is not. If it is,mshow me one app that comes close. And Photoshop on iPad is NOT it.

  13. Patrick, I would definitely not call iPhoto for iPad disappointing. I’ve only used it a few times and found it very easy with great results. Love the effects, how they’re implemented, and the fact that there isn’t a million to choose from.

  14. I did install it and I think it’s on par with other photo apps costing $5. I also prefer it to adobe’s new PS touch. Although there are areas where the two do not overlap. I think Snapseed may be easier to use than Iphoto, but the brush edits in iPhoto are sutle yet powerful and therefore worthwhile. It’s not a bad replacement for the included photo app and I even wish it had an option to remove it once iPhoto is installed. It’s a good app and not disappointing.

  15. Patrick, it’s ok. It’s because you’re amateur and not really have a good sense of art. You are too often to use instant photography app for amateur, like me when I started use photography apps. Don’t too hard to yourself.

  16. Earlier i sayd disappointing, but ofcourse the edditing functionality is great! But i miss the possibility to sort pictures between maps. I think this feature should be in the “normal” and standard photo app…..

  17. I bought it and the reasoning was to AirPlay on my AppleTv, but it does not. I take a lot of photos and some photos are plenty and mean nothing to some viewers (i.e. CaeraRoll). I can use the HDMI ADAPTER, but that defeats the purpose. If I could group photo in CameralRoll, I’d be good. I do love the upload of multiple images. I can upload my DSLR photos with the camera kit to my device and then choose which to upload to Facebook. Awesome, do the app is not all that bad. I do prefer and USE Snapseed for correcting or jazzing up images. It’s face, offers a lot of effects that are adjustable/customizable.

  18. It is silly that you cannot DELETE photos with iPhoto. To delete photos, you have to go back to the stock Photo app. So basically you still have to keep both apps.

    1. [Man, I need to proof read]. Blue, yep, you still need CameralRoll (by default) and Photos. iPhoto is nice, but so limited in ways. For the average user or techie kid 13 and under, its great. But for those of us who actually USE it almost on a daily basis, it is lacking. I delete all my photos through CameraRoll as I do not have time to waist on “did I delete those other 50MB of photos? Nice app, but really desire my AirPlay as it stated which is originally WHY I bought it.

  19. Also, there is another weakness:

    You can crop an image but cannot change the resolution. This is troublesome if you want to down-size an image. The only image editor that can do this is Photogene.

  20. In my opinion sharing, organizing and save images is too complicate… At least for win users; sharing with iTunes… Saving in images… Too many taps to have pictures on my laptop…
    Sometimes crashes, especially on brushes use.
    For the rest is a really good instrument to rapidly edit my raw pics….

  21. I installed iphoto for my new ipad. But aftervtwo days it did not load. When I clicked the icon it simply goes back to the home screen. I deleted and installed again and the same thing happened. Any solutions?

    1. iPhoto only works natively on iPad2 and iPad 3rd Gen. There is a work around to get it to work on iPad. I can not assist you with that as your efforts of sorting all of your photos is easily undone with a sync to iTunes.

      IF you are having issues with an iPad2 or iPad 3rd Gen….

      I would suggest,:
      1. First make sure your iOS is iOS5.
      2. Then make sure iPhoto is not installed.
      IF it is, turn off iCloud until it is working properly.
      3. If it is not installed. Close ALL of your apps.
      4. Then press and hold the Power button for 4 second, then slide to power it off.
      5. Leave your iPad device off for about 5 minutes (3 should be sufficient).
      6. Now go to the AppStore on your iPad and tap Purchased.
      7. Go to iPhoto and re-download.
      8. Load up iPhoto.

      This should solve the issues. If not, I am not sure what to do. I sure hopes this helps.

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