Issue 2 of Project Magazine for iPad Now Available

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Project – the iPad magazine from Virgin Publishing – has released its second monthly issue:

NEW! Issue 2 of the revolutionary multimedia magazine built specially for your iPad. Packed with international culture, entertainment, design, business and travel.
And Bear Grylls. Who’s on fire.

It’s been over a month since Issue 1 was released, so it’s about time this second issue hit the app. It is available as an in-app purchase at the same $2.99 price as Issue 1. Here’s an interesting line from the blurb on Issue 2:

Download the reader App for free, then get Issue No.2 – a full month’s worth of updating content – for just US$2.99

That line is fascinating to me because from the off this title has promised a whole lot in terms of regular, almost constant updates – and delivered next to nothing. So I’m very keen to see how Issue 2 goes in this respect. If updates for this one – as with the first issue – consist only of user comments and links out to blog posts, then it will be the last issue I buy.

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