Issue 2 of The Loop Magazine Is Out

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The Loop Magazine

Issue 2 of The Loop Magazine is out today, right on schedule. This is an extension of Jim Dalrymple’s The Loop website, described like so in the App Store:

The Loop magazine will serve as an extension of my interests on The Loop
Web site, which includes music, design, technology, games and Apple, among
others. Each issue will feature a number of really great authors that
I’ve come to know and respect over my nearly 20 years writing about Apple.

The Loop Magazine is a similar style to Marco Arment’s The Magazine – with a clean, minimal look and a strong team of writers. Issue 2 features articles from Matt Gemmell, Rene Ritchie and other notable contributors.

It’s published twice monthly, and subscriptions cost $1.99 per month. It’s already a favorite of mine.

Here’s an App Store link for The Loop Magazine.

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