JFK: 50 Days, iPad Edition – New Video Book Looks Good

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JFK: 50 Days, iPad Edtion

JFK: 50 Days, iPad Edtion is a new video book (vook) for the iPad that offers a look at, and new insight on, 50 select moments from the Kennedy presidency. It’s been released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s election as president.

Here’s more detail on the app, from its App Store page:

From the extensive archives of NBC News comes JFK: 50 Days, an interactive app to mark the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s election as president. A companion to the book JFK: Day by Day (cpublished by Running Press/Perseus), this Vook app takes an intimate look at 50 select moments of the Kennedy presidency-with illuminating photos from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and over 30 archival NBC News clips.

The video includes rare footage retrieved by NBC researchers from rusted old film canisters and long-forgotten tapes, some of which has not been seen since it first aired 50 years ago. From history-defining speeches to personal Kennedy family moments, from the first presidential press conference broadcast live on TV to revealing outtakes from Kennedy’s last extended interview, JFK: 50 Days provides a unique front-row seat to history.

The app features:
• Video introductions by David Gregory, Moderator of Meet the Press
• Over one hour of video from the NBC News Archives (more than 35 clips)
• Video montages featuring Jackie Kennedy, the Kennedy Family, and JFK
• Outtakes from JFK’s final extended interview from NBC’s Huntley-Brinkley Report
• Over 45 Photos from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
• Narrative historical text written in the present tense delivers a genuine "you are there" experience

Here are a few more screencaps from the app:

Full-screen video of Kennedy’s inaugural address …

JFK: 50 Days video book for iPad

It’s easy to swap between full-screen and in-page when viewing video clips.

Here’s a look at an in-page video box, the introduction to the vook, from David Gregory, moderator at Meet the Press …

JFK: 50 Days iPad Edition


The page about Kennedy’s first State of the Union address …

JFK: 50 Days iPad Edition

I’ve only spent a few minutes with the app so far, but it looks very impressive so far. Video books are a superb fit for the iPad, and this looks like it may be one of the better examples of how to do them right on the iPad. The content is compelling of you’re a Kennedy fan, or even just interested in learning a little more about one of the US’ most famous presidents.I’ll do a full review when I’ve spent more time with the vook.

You can find JFK: 50 Days, iPad Edition in the App Store now, priced at $6.99.

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