Keynote, Numbers, Pages iPad Apps Updated – Now Universal, Work on iPhone Too

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Yesterday Apple updated its three-app iWork suite for iOS – Keynote, Numbers, and Pages were all upgraded to universal apps, designed to run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Each of the apps was updated to Version 1.4 to incorporate the upgrade.

The best thing about this change is that not only are these three stellar apps now available on the iPhone, but the price of all three has remained the same, at $9.99 each. That’s great value for each of these as a universal app for both iPad and iPhone, and a very cool move on Apple’s part considering that all three have consistently been top sellers in the iPad App Store and they easily could have priced these at $5 a pop as separate iPhone apps.

If you’re not familiar with the iWork suite for iOS, these were originally designed as Mac alternatives to the three core MS Office products. Pages is a word processor app, Numbers does spreadsheets, and Keynote is a Powerpoint equivalent that does slide presentations. They’re very good apps on the Mac and great apps on the iPad. Keynote is spectacularly great on the iPad, one of the very, very best iPad apps of all.

It’s great to see these apps made universal and kept at such a reasonable price. Here are links to check them out in the App Store:

Keynote App Store link

Numbers App Store link

Pages App Store link

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