Killer iPad App Features: Text Entry Point Selection in iA Writer App Is Best I’ve Ever Seen

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iA Writer is an excellent new writing app for the iPad. It boasts a number of strong features, including focus mode, superb typography, keyboard extensions, and sync with Dropbox.

It also has one very small but very nice thing that it gets absolutely right. When you tap to place your cursor somewhere other than your current position in the text (e.g. when you realize you’ve got a typo a couple lines up or need to add a word or two to an earlier paragraph), it has uncanny accuracy. In my usage of it it has nearly a 100% strike rate on getting my cursor exactly where I intended on first tap. I’ve used a large number of note-taking and writing apps on the iPhone and iPad and never seen any that come close to the accuracy of iA Writer in this area.

Again, this is a pretty small feature, but I think it’s also an incredibly handy one, as the need for selecting a specific text entry point crops up often and its amazing accuracy lets you work much faster. I’m not sure what the secret sauce in iA Writer that enables this stunning accuracy (I imagine something to do with its attention to some of the finer details on typography) but whatever it is, great job by the developers!

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8 thoughts on “Killer iPad App Features: Text Entry Point Selection in iA Writer App Is Best I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Ive not tried this app but I agree that's an amazing feature. The built in apps in which I type most (mail and safari) seem sort of AI based in this regard. They always seem to assume you want to go to the beginning of one word, or the end of another. It's pretty bad in those instances when you want to land in the middle of a given word…

    1. Yeah, I've noticed that too. Like I said, no idea what the 'secret sauce' is that achieves this, but it works incredibly well.

    1. I very much doubt you'll be disappointed – it's an excellent app. Let us know what you think if you pick it up.

  2. My iPad is communal when home, but I'd like to keep my writing private. Any idea if password protecting documents is available when stored on pad???

    1. You can use the general Passcode Lock feature in Settings to lock the entire device. Or there are also some 3rd party apps that allow for password protection – I can't think of any of their names offhand, but I know I've seen some.

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