Kindle iPad App Updated: Multipage Highlights & More

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Kindle iPad app

The Kindle app for iPad and iOS has been updated this week, to Version 3.8. This isn’t a major update to the popular eReader app, but it adds a few notable enhancements – including the ability to highlight long passages which span multiple pages and some new line spacing options.

Here’s the full change lists for Kindle for iPad Version 3.8:

• Line Spacing – loose, normal, and tight line spacing options change the page layout to suit your reading preference
• Multipage Highlights – highlight long passages that span multiple pages for added convenience
• Print Replica Textbooks notebook improvements – filter by type: notes, bookmarks, and highlights by color; Sync starred notes between devices
• Accessibility Improvements – select a higher maximum font size, bug fixes
• Bug Fixes/Stability Improvements

I’ve installed the update and tried out both the multipage highlighting and the new line spacing options. Both work as advertised and the line spacing settings look very useful. I’ve already found that I prefer the mid-level setting, which is not the default.

The one feature I would love to see added to the Kindle app is vertical scrolling – that’s the single feature that has me using the iBooks app so much more than Kindle.

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