Latest eBook Reader App for iPad = eReader

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eReader for iPad

eReader is the latest eBook reader app to hit the iPad.  The app has been a popular one on various platforms, and now its iPhone version has been updated to a universal app that will also run on the iPad.

Here’s a little bit of detail on eReader, via jkOnTheRun’s recent post about it:

Users of eReader Pro on other platforms will feel right at home as the iPad app is very similar to existing versions. Access to the user library is done within the app, but purchases are made in a separate browser window. You can start shopping at for books from inside the app, but it fires up the Safari browser for the actual shopping excursion. Books can be perused and purchases made in the web browser. It does provide a link after purchase to take you back to the reader app, which is pretty cool.

As on other platforms, the iPad app provides lots of display configuration options — fonts, themes, day/night display — and it is easy to set things up the way you prefer. Fans of the eReader Pro autoscroll feature — which scrolls the page up slowly to allow reading without page turning — will be happy to note this is possible in the free iPad version.

Always good to see more eBook reading options for the iPad, as it is such a great device to read on.

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