Latest Office for iOS Rumor: More Years Late, More Dollars Short

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Rumors this week suggest that Microsoft does not plan to bring their Office suite to iOS until late 2014, as Apple Insider reports:

The debut of Microsoft’s Office suite for mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad may be later than previously anticipated, with a new report claiming the software is scheduled to debut in late 2014.
The details come from a purported product roadmap obtained by Mary Jo Foley of CNet and published on Wednesday.

It’s incredible to see Microsoft so blind to the money they’re losing by not bringing Office to the iPad and iOS. They’ve voluntarily missed out on 3+ years of potential sales on the iPad and nearly 5 years of potential sales on iPhone – already as of today.

All three of the apps in Apple’s iWork suite are among the top grossing apps on iOS, at $10 a pop. I don’t think it takes a super-skilled accountant to say they have left an enormous amount of money on the table there. A Wall Street analyst recently estimated the amount is in the billions.

And for what – some imagined gain in momentum for Windows Phone or Surface tablet devices because they’ve got an ‘Office Exclusive’? What’s that got them? No impact at all in market share in either of those spaces.

It just amazes me how badly Microsoft has misjudged the mobile space for many years now. These recent decisions on Microsoft Office will surely be included in the future list of Steve Ballmer’s greatest hits.

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One thought on “Latest Office for iOS Rumor: More Years Late, More Dollars Short”

  1. Apple should create Windows versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. They should also keep improving those programs.
    This will put the final nail to the Microsoft coffin.

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