Latest on 1Password for iPad – New Screenshots

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1Password for iPad mockups

I posted a few weeks back on 1Password for the iPad – when we got a first look at some mockups of it via Switcher’s Blog.  1Password is an essential app for me on both the iPhone and the MacBook – so it’s one I’m definitely looking forward to seeing on iPad.

Today, there is more news on 1Password for iPad, and some new screencaps of design mockups – including the ones shown above.

Here’s a little excerpt from David Chartier’s Intro to the latest mockups …

It’s been a couple of weeks since we posted our initial mockups of 1Password for iPad. Since then, our two co-founders, Dave and Roustem, got together with our Lead Designer, Dan Peterson, for a "Weekend of iPad" design and development, so we figured it’s time for an update on our progress.  …

We want to convey the actual evolution from our initial concepts to our latest and greatest, so we combined the two images to help you get an idea of our change in direction. Remember, though, that these are still just Photoshop mockups, and still very much in flux.

And here are the two combined images:

Portrait view with an item list and selected item …

1Password for iPad

And some explanation of the changes in this view:

Note that the detail view for the currently selected item has shifted from occupying its own space at the bottom to an in-line selected area. This simplifies our interface and leaves more room to view and scroll through your list of items, especially since each letter in the alphabet slider on the right gets more room to breathe and a larger touchable target.

In landscape view the details and item list have swapped places …


There are also some encouraging words about lessons being learned in the course of developing for the iPad – which should ultimately make 1Password easier to use not just on the new device but in its Mac and iPhone incarnations as well.  I already find the app very good to use, but I certainly won’t vote against even slicker ways of working with it. :)

Have a look at the Switcher’s Blog post here for more juicy details:

Here’s hoping we’ll see 1Password’s iPad version in the very early days of holding it in our greedy little paws.

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