Latest Update on Project Magazine: Still No Updates

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So here’s the latest from Project Magazine for iPad, the ‘revolutionary’ iPad-only title from Richard Branson’s Virgin Publishing:

Yup, that’s a blank space above. As in, there are still no updates to Project. Here’s what Project originally promised to deliver:

PROJECT is a monthly magazine that will change daily, hourly – minute by minute at times – to give its global audience of early adopters a month of entertainment for less than the price of a decent cup of coffee.

Here’s what it has actually delivered so far: one issue. Not a terrible one by any means, but not one that set the iPad magazine world alight either. Oh, and not a single content update in over a month. In fact, not even a second issue now that over a month has passed since the debut issue hit the App Store.

And people wonder why iPad magazines are struggling in terms of sale.

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4 thoughts on “Latest Update on Project Magazine: Still No Updates”

  1. IMHO, iPad magazines are failing because they’re too expensive. With paper subs costing a fraction of the online price, there’s no wonder people aren’t banging down the door to buy the e-book equivalent.

    As an example, Wired magazine is $3.99 per issue in the app or less than $20 for a year’s subscription. And to boot, the Wired magazine app doesn’t get glowing reviews.

  2. I actually pinged the Project staff this weekend about when is the next issue going to be available. They responded yesterday with this Friday, the 7th. I paid the $2.99 for the first issue before it was free over the holidays, and while it’s potentially more expensive than a subscription, I can buy one issue of one magazine one month and a different issue of another the next month…I’m not locked in by subscription. I find that appealing, especially if the quality tanks along the way and you still have many issues in your subscription you’ve prepaid. I do plan to buy issue #2 when it comes out.

  3. Any why, oh why, is this magazine not available on iTunes stores outside the US and the UK, for crying out loud?

    Yet more distribution/copyright agreements blocking creativity and business worldwide???

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