Latest Update on Things Cloud Sync: There Is No Update

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Cloud sync is by far and away the biggest missing feature in the otherwise excellent Things task manager app for iPad, iOS and Mac. It has been for a long time now, while other rival apps have offered it well ahead of Things.

Last month there was some relatively good news for those of us long awaiting this feature; as Cultured Code (developers of Things) started a Things Cloud Sync Beta in early May. The not so great news at the time was that only Macs (no iOS devices) would be involved in the initial beta period, there was no timeframe at all for the beta period or ETA for when the feature would be released, and no indication as to whether the cloud sync feature would be free or paid for.

I’ve been curious about how the beta testing is going and hoping by now there might be some word on ETA for the new feature release – so today I had a quick check of the Things Blog and Cultured Code’s Twitter account. Their most recent tweet was a reply pointing a user at an FAQ page for the latest info on Cloud Sync.

And that latest info is, in a nutshell, there is nothing new.

When will Cloud Sync arrive?

The beta of Things Cloud Sync began on May 2 – a final release date (end of beta) will not be provided at this time.

Questions on whether the feature will be charged for have similar non-answers.

I realize that developers are often hesitant about offering release dates for apps or updates of apps, but honestly by now, with as long as Cultured Code has said this (single!) feature has been at the top of their list, to have no new information to share at all after 1.5 months of the beta start just seems ridiculous to me.

Things is an all-time favorite app of mine and one that gets used heavily every day, but I honestly feel so disappointed with Cultured Code’s terribly, terribly slow response and progress on Cloud Sync. As I’ve mentioned before here, as much as I like Things I am now actively testing other apps to take its place.

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10 thoughts on “Latest Update on Things Cloud Sync: There Is No Update”

  1. I’d been waiting on this for such a long time that a few months back I decided to give RTM a try, hoping to come back to Things once the feature is ready…

    Now I’m using Wunderlist and am happy. They seem to know which features really matter and how to make their product awesome. Goodbye Cultured Code. You can keep my money.

  2. I’ve tried Wunderlist a little. It does look promising, but if I remember right it has no support for repeating tasks, which is a killer for me.

    Nice work on the logo. :)

  3. I also just switched over to Wunderlist.

    I don’t really use repeating tasks, but I did rely heavily on scheduling and the today view, and I miss those.

    But even with that, and the general bugginess, I think I’ll probably just keep using it until iOS 5 comes out with todo functionality: because at least I can use my mobile devices for todo lists again.

  4. I got an email from CC today inviting me to test cloud sync. I signed up as a beta tester when the option was available.
    As you say, the version out now is only for syncing mac to mac – not much good to me as I only have one mac!
    I noticed in the contractual terms that CC reserve the right to start charging for cloud sync at any time.
    Good thing is that the system they have set up appears to update to the cloud pretty much as soon as you make a new task. Of course I cant confirm that for sure, since I have only one mac, but the bottom of things beta indicates that it is uploading to the cloud… we await the update which syncs to iphones…

  5. I got the beta invite email today too. Not sure if I’ll use it just yet, as Mac to Mac sync is just not interesting to me.

  6. What is just as disappointing is WebIS and Pocket Informant. After pre-announcing their 2.0 product, and promising an April release – they have continued to slip timelines, and their most recent blog post promises no dates and announces that their head guy is going on vacation in July. Yet they continue to fiddle with new features – like incorporating Google tasks API – who cares! Get me an app that I can use that SYNCS!! This is exactly why Reminders in iOS5 will bump these guys off. It’s not elegant or sexy looking, but I can add items easily, it has geolocation functionality, and as soon as I add it on my iPhone – it’s created on my iPad AND on my Windows PC Outlook to-do list.

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