LogMeIn Ignition iPad App Has a New Name & a Much Higher Price Tag – $130 (Updated)

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Ignition iPad app

Wow, I hadn’t updated my copy of LogMeIn Ignition for a little while on my iPad and I got round to doing so this afternoon. I knew there was an update with a cool new feature I wanted to try out – what I didn’t know was that the app now has a new name – it’s just Ignition – and a hefty new price tag.

When I bought the app it was iPad specific and it cost $29.99. Now it’s a universal app for iPad and iPhone and it goes for $129.99. That’s one heck of a huge increase. The app now lets you connect to an unlimited number of remote computers, and I honestly can’t recall whether that’s an improved feature or not. If that’s not new then it’s hard to think what justifies this big an increase in the app’s price. Making it universal certainly doesn’t.

The cool new feature in the latest update (to Version 3.1.1100) is that the app now supports bluetooth keyboards. It works well and is a feature I don’t remember seeing yet in any other remote access apps.

As always, I’m happy to see an update to an already stellar iPad app – but today I’m even happier to have bought this app when it was a $30 purchase. I’m not sure I’d feel enough of a need for it at $130.

What do you all think? How often do you use remote access apps on your iPad? What do you think of Ignition priced at $130?

UPDATE: The LogMeIn PR team has contacted me about this post and they asked that I clarify some things about the changes to their iPad and IOS apps. While the new name and price for the Ignition app is clear in the post above, they felt it would be helpful to point out there is also still a free version of LogMeIn available for iOS.

I’ve looked at their current App Store pages for their free and paid LogMeIn apps and honestly find the pricing and plans more than a little confusing – so I’ve asked LogMeIn PR to provide specific details on what’s on offer. Here their text on this:

In December 2011, LogMeIn introduced a new app in the iTunes store that makes remote access 100% free. It’s called “LogMeIn”. (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/logmein/id479229407?mt=8) Users can use the app on iPhone, iPads and iPod touches to access and control as many PCs and Macs as they like, no charge. All of these computers they want to control will be using our LogMeIn Free service. (https://secure.logmein.com/products/free/)

If in addition to remote access users want advanced features, including high definition video and audio streaming, file management and cloud storage integration, they can get that by subscribing to LogMeIn Pro (https://secure.logmein.com/products/pro/) on those computers that they want these advanced features.

Keep in mind that with both LogMeIn Free and Pro, users can access their computers from other computers as well as their iDevices. The older app, known as “Ignition” is still available and supported. If purchased, buyers get all the advanced features as a one-time purchase, rather than as a subscription.

So there you have it. For my final .02 on this, as I’ve mentioned to LogMeIn PR, while I think Ignition is a hugely impressive app I also think the App Store page for the free LogMeIn app is very confusing any likely not doing them any favors at all. The Top In-App Purchases list in the left sidebar has prices that do not seem to match up with text at the bottom of the main page, and I also don’t come away with any great understanding of how the LogMeIn Pro subscription compares to a purchase of the Ignition app.

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10 thoughts on “LogMeIn Ignition iPad App Has a New Name & a Much Higher Price Tag – $130 (Updated)”

  1. People should just use sugar sync. They will have access to all their files and it is awesome!!

    1. Nathan you have no clue what you are talking about. Please don’t post unless you know about the product. Though I do think this price point is ridiculous (I paid the $30 for the Android version). I would NEVER pay this much for it.

  2. There is a free Logmein app that is still available that has most of the features people use in it. It does however breakout some “Pro” features using an in App subscription model. I.E. A recurring yearly fee. The Ignition program appears to be a “one time” charge model. That is you get all the Pro features for $130 forever for a onetime charge, no subscription required.

  3. $130 you’ve got to be kidding! With all the apps out there and more popping up daily, I can’t imagine that this one could be that much better than the cheaper ones. At the initial $30 I would have expected upgrades to be covered. Unless you’re commanding a classroom of computers or a large home with multiple machines and devices, I canT see that kind of expense for the casual user. It wom’t happen in my home. I would hate to think this is a possible trend.

  4. Bought in January, use this at least once a week. Worked perfectly when I traveled to NYC and needed to get to the remote desktop on my work computer in Washington state! Have it on my iPad, tethered to Hotspot on my Tmobile G2X. Makes life so much easier when I’m on the road and the boss needs a report printed to his desk!!

  5. Near impossible to justify when you compare it to apps like Splashtop that do virtually the same thing for $2 — and Splashtop also works directly over your wifi network with needing the Internet.

    $170 is just crazy talk.

  6. Something must be wrong. The whole website for LogMeIn is now bragging how $69.95 a year gets you full access and that the iOS app is now free. Additional computers are $48. Something is not quite right here. There’s other posts where the authors say they’ve been told the $30 app “is now free.” LogMeIn has confused everyone.

  7. It’s not that complicated. Remote access is free – from iDevices (via the free app in the iTunes store) and from computers. If you want advanced features on top of remote access, you can either buy a Pro subscription or buy the old Ignition app for a one-time price of $130.

    1. And the difference between the Pro subscription and the Ignition app is? And the mismatch between sidebar In-App purchase list and Pro subscription options is?

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