LogMeIn Ignition Updated – Adds Integration with Dropbox & Google Docs

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LogMeIn Ignition – one of the best remote access apps for iPad and iOS – has been updated this week, to Version 2.2.380.

This update adds only a single new feature, but it’s a very powerful one:

My Cloud Bank integration that links Ignition with popular cloud services

The app now lets you add connections to cloud storage services – Dropbox, Google Docs, and WebDav servers.

This app already offered a unique and powerful feature that I’ve not seen yet in any other remote access app – the ability to copy files back and forth between remote computers and the iPad (or iPhone).

Now, with support for cloud services, this functionality has been extended. Now you can copy files from the cloud straight to a remote computer as well.

It’s great to see an app like LogMeIn Ignition, which for me is already right at the top of the list of best remote access apps for the iPad, just keep improving and adding excellent new features.

Here’s an App Store link for LogMeIn Ignition; it’s priced at $29.99.

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