MAD Magazine for iPad Released, in the App Store Now

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MAD Magazine for iPad

MAD Magazine (Cheap!) is the brand new iPad edition of MAD Magazine. It has just hit the iPad App Store today and it looks, well, just like the MAD Magazine I remember. I have to admit I haven’t read this magazine for a lot of years – but the iPad version looks just as crazy funny and irreverent as it always used to.

I’m not doing it justice though – here’s a bit of its App Store intro that does a much better job:

The MAD Magazine app offers all of the humor, stupidity and satire of the magazine – with none of the looming threat of paper cuts! Once you download the FREE (Cheap!) app, you’ll have special access to classic MAD articles, plus you’ll be able to buy the newest issue, catch up on back issues, or subscribe (so you’ll never know the heartbreak of missing an issue again)! Each issue of MAD features new, cutting edge parodies of pop culture, movie and TV shows, politics, sports and more – as well as classic MAD features like Al Jaffee’s Fold-In, Sergio Aragaonés’ “A MAD Look At…”, and Spy vs. Spy. You’ll also get new features like The MAD Strip Club, The Fundalini Pages, and Planet Tad.

And my favorite line of all:

The MAD app: There’s no better way to tell the world, “I have an iPad and I’m not afraid to squander its potential!”

Excellent stuff.

The app itself is free and there’s a free preview issue available to download too. Here’s how issue and subscription pricing works:

Single copy back issues and future issues are available for purchase in this App at the following prices:
-Single current issue at $4.99
-Single back issue at $1.99 (NOTE: Digital issues published prior to April 2012 are static issues unlike the ones published from April 2012 and forward.)

Future issues are available through the following auto-renewing subscriptions:
-Annual Subscription (6 issues) at $9.99
-Bi-Monthly Subscription (one issue every two months) at $1.99 per two month period

The app has Newsstand support – i.e. it lives in Newsstand. The preview issue download is around 45MB and Issue 512 is around 148MB.

I installed the app earlier this morning and have just a very quick look at the preview issue and Issue 512 featuring a Walking Dead parody that I’m looking forward to reading (I’m a huge fan of the AMC show).

I’ll do a review of the app once I spend enough time with it. For now I’ll just say it looks like at least a fun bit of nostalgia for those of us who read this as youngsters, and maybe a more regular read if the humor is to your liking.

Here’s an App Store link for MAD Magazine for the iPad.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Mad from way back, but after looking at the prices on the iPad issues I think you can safely remove the “(Cheap!)” from the title.

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