Make Your Photos Look Like Oil Paintings with this iPad App

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PhotoArtistaHD – Oil is one of those apps that is just pure fun, with a little bit of wow factor thrown in for good measure.  It’s got a simple and fun purpose:

… portraiture & fine art app that turns a photo “alla prima” (at once) into an oil painting masterpiece with no work on your part.

It does this well too – and it’s big fun to see your photos transformed so they look like oil paintings after just a couple of taps.  You can likely achieve the same effect with a number of good photo editing apps for the iPad, but this app does all the work for you.

Here’s some more detail courtesy of its App Store page:

Photo Artista is a painting tool that takes no time to master in order to create your own original work of art. Our efficient method in a simple interface requires a few easy steps: Start with a photo, choose a paint style, and then apply … let the application do the work. All that is required of you is the appreciation – We will take care of the rest.

Art styles from most realistic to least …
Oil Portrait
Oil Landscape
Oil Realism
Oil Impressionism
Oil Expressionism
Oil Tone Painting
Oil Abstract

Features include the fine-tuning of …
Textured Oil
Brush Size
Stroke Variation
Color Shift
Color Tone
Canvas Texture
Canvas Color

Also includes …
Artistic Edges
Lighting Effects
Full Resolution Output

And here’s a quick example of the app at work.  Take a goofy goat image from a local zoo …


And it becomes a splendid oil portrait of a goat …


This app is seriously easy and fun to use – and creates some great images with just about zero effort.  For clumsy, non-artistic types like myself, this is a great app to have around.

You can find PhotoArtistaHD – Oil in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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4 thoughts on “Make Your Photos Look Like Oil Paintings with this iPad App

  1. I think its so cool when you are not too artsy and can make a picture that is. I also like making little fruit bowls on the SImple Fruit Bowl – my kids love it too and it's $0.99. I just made a bowl of apples and sent to all of our friends who celebrate the Jewish New Year which is about apples and honey, they loved it.