March Madness Will Be Streamed to the iPad for Free

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Here is some very fine news for those of us who are fans of the US’ best annual sporting event (emphasis below is mine) – the NCAA Basketball Championships:

CBS, Turner Sports and the NCAA announced this week that streaming content from the March Madness basketball tournament will be made available to iOS users for free. In the past, CBS has streamed the content for free over the internet and to iPhone owners via a paid application. Last year, the iPhone March Madness On demand application cost sport fans $10. An iPad version was not available as the iPad was not yet on sale.

With the subsequent debut and explosion of the iPad, the trio of companies coordinating the March Madness broadcast have decided to extend their reach to Apple’s popular tablet. They also dropped the $10 price tag and made the app available for free.

Madness kicks off on March 15th and the free app/s for iPad and iPhone are expected out soon. That’s great stuff.

News Via: TUAW

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2 thoughts on “March Madness Will Be Streamed to the iPad for Free”

  1. This is really good news. I don’t have a backup laptop or a second monitor at my office now, so this will be a lifesaver. I bought the iPhone app last year because I was travelling so much during the tournament, but $9.99 is a lot to pay.

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