Massive 3.0 Update for Photo Toaster for iPad Coming Very Soon

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Photo Toaster for iPad

Photo Toaster, my favorite and most-used photo editing app on the iPad, is set to get a massive update very soon. The 3.0 update has already been sent to Apple and is expected to hit the App Store this coming week.

Here’s a bit of an intro to the app:

PhotoToaster provides a deep toolbox of photo corrections, then adds fast non-destructive image adjustments and provides three different ways to adjust them. The Toaster can do everything from crop, simple lighting adjustments and color corrections to elaborate multi-layer composite effects and noise reduction.

I’ve been a big fan of Photo Toaster for a long while now. I listed in my post on the best photo editing Apps for iPad and also in our list of the Best iPad Apps of 2011.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the beta testing team for the upcoming update and I can tell you it looks tremendous and makes and already-great app even greater.

The full change list for the 3.0 update is seriously huge, but here’s some detail on just a few of the highlights in the upcoming new version: 

PhotoToaster 3.0 adds more creative control, noise reduction and improved photo management to a dynamic five-star rated photo editor.

New Lighting Adjustments

lighting adjustments

Professional level lighting adjustments can lighten shadows and recover highlights without affecting other parts of the image. They can be used to save a poorly lit photo or to create dynamic effects. New intensity and midtone controls provide more creative control to create awesome photos. A new blacks adjustment makes for richer contrast than ever before.

New Presets

60 magnificent presets transform your photo with just a tap. Clarify, Amplify, Bleach Bypass, Sketch, Dynamic HDR, and Dramatic are some of the new presets that take advantage of the new adjustments.

Noise Reduction

noise reduction

Sophisticated Noise Reduction can reduce the unwanted grainy or speckled look common in low light camera-phone photos.

Photo Management

A recent edits list allows for resuming of recent edit sessions. Save to album enables saving in the albums of your choice. There is also complete EXIF data support and a photo info display of when and where a photo was shot as well as the finer details like ISO, focal length, shutter speed, etc.

Powerful photo processing done right

As before, the PhotoToaster combines a blazingly fast, non-destructive editing engine and multi-level undo with an intuitive multi-layered interface to provide one click adjustments or deep, interactive, slider level precision, in a single app. It’s a must have photo editor for any serious iphoneographer.

If you’re a current Photo Toaster user this should give you lots to be excited about. If you haven’t used the app and you have any need at all for photo editing on your iPad or iPhone this is a great time to check it out.

Here’s an App Store link for Photo Toaster; it’s priced at $1.99 and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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