Maxim Magazine for iPad Re-launched and Is Completely Crap

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Maxim+ Magazine is the new iPad version of Maxim magazine. Previously Maxim HD was their iPad edition, but they recently switched to a different ‘publishing framework’ and re-launched this weekend with the new name.

I installed the new app and have been having a look at it this morning. Here’s my quick take: it’s a piss-poor effort and a terrible iPad edition. Definitely a poster child for ‘How Not to Do an iPad magazine’.

Here’s a few of the reasons why this is a crappy iPad magazine:

— There are tons of ads in it and they’re more than intrusive. It’s packed with full page ads and if you try to read in landscape mode you’ll find you can’t because each time you land on an ad page you cannot swipe past it at all. You’re stuck until you switch to portrait mode. Ads that actually prevent you from reading in landscape mode – this is the stupidest implementation of ads I’ve ever seen in an iPad magazine.

Here’s what you get on full page ad pages in landscape mode:


— The ads are cheap and nasty looking on quite a few of the pages too.


— There are very few interactive or multimedia elements. Most pages are completely static and boring.

— The type on pages is quite small and not adjustable at all. You can’t zoom at all on images. This feels very much like a quick, cheap PDF version slap-together of a magazine.


— It’s $5.99 an issue, with no subscription options at the moment. That’s a comparatively high price for a good quality magazine on the iPad. For this slapped together rag it’s a ridiculously high price.

Even if you’re a fan of Maxim in print, this is definitely one to avoid until the publishers decide to put even a minimal amount of effort into it.

Here’s an App Store link for Maxim+ Magazine; it’s a free app with a preview of the August issue, which costs $5.99.

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  1. After installing IOS6 all the purchased magazines had to be dowloaded again,but 2 of them cannot be downloaded,error encounterd message comes on,ill appreciate any help thank you

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