Meeting Miser for iPad: Your New Best Friend If You Hate Long Meetings

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Now this is what I call an essential iPad business app. Raise your hand if you’ve never felt like there are too many meetings at work, or if you’ve never been in a snooze-inducing meeting that went on for way too long.

Meeting Miser looks like a good little strike back against endless and pointless meetings. Here’s the opening of its App Store intro:

Meeting Miser is an iPad app that lets you track how much your business meetings cost you. Enter the estimated total annual salary of everyone in the meeting and watch as the dollars tick by!

Put your iPad where everyone can see it and keep your meeting focused!

Focused indeed. Crank this app up, whack it up on a big screen and watch those numbers climb. Great potential for office pools and over/under bets on how much today’s meeting costs. A real morale booster I’d say.

Here’s an App Store link for Meeting Miser; it’s priced at $0.99.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Miser for iPad: Your New Best Friend If You Hate Long Meetings”

  1. But if you happen to attend a long meting, why don’t you use note-taking app like the Ghostwriter Notes app. It will make a meeting shorter because you will not have trouble on taking down notes. It’s so easy to use!

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