Microsoft Confirms Office Is Coming to iPad

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Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that Microsoft Office will be coming to the iPad. As The Verge reports, Ballmer mentioned at a public appearance yesterday that iPad ‘will be picked up’ once there is touch-first interface for Office.

Ballmer didn’t offer any timeline (sound familiar?) but there seem to be expectations that by this time next year we could see Office for iPad. I would imagine sooner than that is possible and it would be very much in Microsoft’s interest to give this some major priority – as they’ve already likely left literally billions of dollars on the table by taking so long to bring Office to iPad and iOS.

Now that iWork apps are free and there are a number of Office-compatible apps out there, how much do you care about seeing Office for iPad? Will you be ready to buy it as soon as it hits the App Store, or not interested at all?

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Confirms Office Is Coming to iPad”

  1. Not interested in the least. I believe that MS Office is junk and don’t need it on my iPad.

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