Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Coming to iPad this Year

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Microsoft Dyamics CRM Mobile for iPad

It looks like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile will be coming to the iPad this year. A Release Preview Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM lists iPad (running iOS 5 or greater) as the only tablet device due to get the mobile app in 2012.

Here’s a bit of the guide’s description of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile:

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Q2 21012 service update brings  a new  cloud  based  mobile CRM service  called

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile to customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As part of this new mobile solution,

Microsoft will provide a full range of rich native CRM applications (apps) for the most popular smartphones and

tablets. These new applications allow a sales, service or marketing professional to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM

both Online and On-premises.

This is one of Microsoft’s blue-chip business apps. It’s good to see it coming to the iPad, and makes sense of course given the iPad’s strong presence in the enterprise arena. Microsoft have now got a number of good app available for the iPad and iOS – maybe the chances are increasing that we’ll see MS Office on iOS in the not too distant future. I think Microsoft needs that to happen more than Apple does; it will be interesting to see if it happens.

Any Microsoft Dynamics CRM users here? If so, how useful would an iPad version be for you?

Spotted this news via 9to5Mac.

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One thought on “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Coming to iPad this Year”

  1. Hi Patrick

    I use MS Dynamics CRM and can say that I’m eagerly awaiting a dedicated app that brings CRM functionality to the Ipad. The majority of my clients, and myself, are out of the office and require remote access to a CRM. Accessing and entering data into the CRM without having to navigate through a web-browser or waiting to get back to the office will be extremely useful.

    Entering accurate information can be a challenge and time-consuming when you bounce from one meeting to another and need to refer to written notes taken a day or two before. I’m looking forward to having the option of entering information either in the meeting or at a time not long after seeing the client. Accessing information quickly on an existing client, be it contact details, account activity, notes or files will also be incredibly useful.



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