Microsoft Office for iPad Gets AirPrint!

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office ipad gets airprint

This is just a cool, quick and easy update to announce, but it could be an important one for folks who rely on the MS Office Suite. The latest update to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad has added AirPrint compatibility to the apps. This removes yet another one of the obstacles to getting “real work” done on the iPad, so long as you have access to an AirPrint-capable printer.

The other sticking point — the requisite Office 365 annual subscription for using the apps — is still around, but the recent release of a slightly more affordable Office 365 Personal ($65/year for one PC and tablet) does make things a little easier.

I’ve already found Word for iPad surprisingly useful for quick document markup and review, so it’s great to see the Microsoft Office team cranking out such frequent updates.

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