‘Mirror Mirror’ – an iPad Photo Book of Self-Portraits

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iPad photo book

Mirror Mirror is an iPad photo book produced by the folks at LearningTheLight.com.  It’s a set of almost 30 self-portrait photos from ‘28 fantastically talented photographers’.

I am no photography expert – in fact, I’m a terrible photographer and know almost nothing about it – but I do find a lot of the included images in the book very striking and interesting.

Mirror Mirror iPad photo book

Here’s a little more background on the book and how it came about:

Why an iPad Photo Book?

Well, because photos look truly amazing on it, for starters. I was totally blown away by the quality of the screen, and the tactility of it – being able to ‘pinch in’, swipe across, turn the iPad over to show a friend opposite… the list in endless. The iPad really is a fantastic medium to devour photography.

OK, you like the iPad, we get it. But why create this photo book?

Good question! I’ve had my iPad for a while now, and I thought there would have been plenty of fantastic photo books for it… but there just aren’t! Sure, there are a few photo book-type apps on the app store, but, frankly, they’re just not very good, and there are only a couple. Browsing photo websites on the iPad is fun, but I also wanted something to view when I’m offline, something that I can keep in my virtual library to whip out whenever I want a high-quality photo fix. So, I contacted some of the amazingly talented photographers on Flickr to see if they would be open to contributing, and, a couple of weeks later, created our very first photo book.

Mirror Mirror is not an app, it is a book in PDF format – so it’s viewable in the iBooks app or other good PDF and doc viewing apps like GoodReader or ReaddleDocs.  It is also a free title – so you just download the PDF file, copy it to the ‘Books’ section of iTunes on your PC and then sync your iPad.  Then you’ll see the book added to you Library within iBooks.

To download the free PDF go here:


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book – whether you’re a photography expert or just a curious browser like me. :)

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