At Bat 11 for iPad Out Now

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MLB At Bat 11 for iPad At Bat 11 for iPad hit the App Store yesterday. Ever since the first version of At Bat hit the iPhone, this has been a superb app for baseball fans. I’ve installed At Bat 11 for iPad and spent a little bit of time with it, and it looks great, even while we’re just in the Spring Training portion of the year.

The app has boxscores and highlights for all the spring training games, and lots of news coming out of all the camps and from teams throughout the league. There’s already plenty of video in the MLB and individual team news sections as well.

I know some people are unhappy with the app costing $14.99 for both an iPad app and the iPhone version. It’s a fair point, it would be nicer if they would produce a universal app; but for now I’m happy to just run it on my iPad. 

Here’s an App Store link for At Bat 11 for iPad.

Roll on Opening Day.

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7 thoughts on “ At Bat 11 for iPad Out Now”

  1. I’m an enthusiastic baseball fan but a complete neophyte to computers. I have an iPad and would like to get the games on it but I’m not sure of the precedure. Do I first subscribe to the app for $15 and then get the baseball subscription for $120, or vice versa? Also what can I then expect to see or do in order to actually see the play? I have also read many mixed reviews as to the quality received and wonder how you feel about it. I would very much appreciate your help. Thank you. Mike Casey

    1. Hi Michael. You need to have a good look at the site for full, detailed info – but I believe the gist of things is:

      — If you don’t subscribe to, you get video highlights, live audio, box scores and lots of other cool features in the iPad and iPhone apps (each is sold separately, unfortunately).

      — If you subscribe to, you’ll also get live video streaming of most or all games.

  2. I’m having horrible problems with MLB At Bat. Sometimes it comes up with a scoreboard and sometimes with what looks like an app. In any event, it goes around it circles and I usually can’t get to a game. The few times I have, I’m getting a “no volume” message. I would happily delete the app, but I understand it’s requried if you have an IPAD…you can’t just go directly to like I have on a PC. Help!!!

  3. Ed – have you restarted the iPad since installing the app? Sometimes that can help if you are seeing issues immediately upon using it. If you’ve already tried that, then the next step would be to delete and reinstall the app.

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