Moms with Apps – An App to Help You Find Good Kids and Family Apps

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Moms with Apps

Moms with Apps is a new iPhone app (that also runs on the iPad) that helps you discover good children’s and family apps. Here’s the App Store intro to the app:

Moms With Apps is a catalog of great children’s and family-friendly apps. Search by educational category and age groups to discover and learn about new apps and developers.

Moms with Apps aims to assist parents and educators to identify apps to address the needs of their children and students. Developed in collaboration with the renowned Moms with Apps development group, over 200 developers have carefully cataloged and categorized their apps by their educational value and appropriate age group. The result is a comprehensive catalog of apps, representing the most innovative educational app developers, that simplifies the app discovery process.

Moms with Apps
And some of its main features and information about the Moms with Apps group:

✏ Over 600 apps from the top educational app developers
✏ Organized educational subjects (e.g. Early Learning, Math, Science, Special Needs)
✏ Recommended ages for every app and book
✏ Create and maintain a wishlist of your favorite apps
✏ Discover and share great apps through social networking
The Moms with Apps Developer Group

Moms With Apps is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers
seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. They represent
the best of educational app developers. Find out more about Moms with
Apps at

I’ve been giving the app a very quick try today on my iPad. Even though it’s not a universal app (designed for iPhone and iPad) and I had to run it in 2X blown-up mode, I still like the app quite a bit on first look.

From its main page, it offers a good range of categories to browse in: Apps, Books, For iPad, Developers, Apple Picks, New Releases, Search, Viewed, and Wishlist. And then another good set of sub-sections under some of those, including: Art, Creative Play, Early Learning, Environment, Foreign Language, Games, Geography, Math, Music, Parents, Reading, Science, and Special Needs.

Here’s a look at the Math Apps sub-section under the ‘For iPad’ main category:


It also has pretty good pages for individual apps, with links to view in App Store, share via email, FB, Twitter, more, and to add the app to your Wishlist. I was already finding the Wishlist useful after just a few minutes – and finding several promising apps to mark for a closer look later, and a couple I’m planning to buy this afternoon.


In just a rapid-fire browse through some of the sections, it seems to me there are more apps for toddlers and very young children than there are for kids approaching 10 and upwards – but I haven’t done enough looking yet to be sure about this.

I’ll look to do a review of this app when I’ve spent more time with it, but it has made a quick positive impression on me already. I have a daughter who’s nearly 8 years old, and this looks like it may be a good resource for finding apps that she will enjoy, and that our whole family can enjoy. Any app that manages that is a fine app in my book. Moms with Apps looks like it may be quite a good helper for moms and dads.

You can find Moms with Apps in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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