Montessori Crosswords for iPad – Free for Today Only

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Montessori Crosswords iPhone app

L’Escapadou is pleased to announce that Montessori Crosswords will be free on September 3rd, as part of Moms with Apps’ AppFriday. Based on the proven Montessori learning method, the app helps kids develop their writing/reading skills by building words from a set of pictures shown. The app provides 282 words and associated pictures sorted by their phonetic complexity. At the time of writing, Montessori Crosswords is ranked #22 in USA top paid iPad education App and its average rating is 4 stars.

Good stuff.  I haven’t actually tried this app, as my daughter is already an advanced reader and writer – but a big part of why she’s got to that level is her Montessori education from the age of 3 to 6.  Her Montessori school – this one in Austin, Texas – was a superb environment where she flourished academically and as a person. 

So needless to say I’m a big fan of Montessori methods, and this looks like a very nice little app for helping younger kids with their reading and writing skills.

Here’s a little more detail on the app, via its App Store page:

Based on the Montessori proven method of learning, a fun game that helps your kids develop their reading/writing skills while enjoying themselves. Provides an amusing way to learn the letters for children as young as 3, and can be used by children up to 10 or more to improve and reinforce their word-spelling and literacy skills. Instructions to use it with your kids as an educational tool are provided, although of course your kids can of course play on their own!

In the Crosswords game, pictures are shown and kids compose the corresponding words by drag and dropping the appropriate letters next to the pictures. The game is auto-corrective. The 3 increasingly difficult levels are based on the word series defined in the Montessori method according to the phonetic difficulty of each word.

It’s got a cute icon too …


The app is down from $2.99 to free for today (September 3) only.  You can find it in the App Store now at it’s one day sale price.  If you have a chance to try it out, please let us know in the comments what you think of it.

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7 thoughts on “Montessori Crosswords for iPad – Free for Today Only”

      1. Hi there ! I am huge fan of montessori as well, and I will definitely try Montessori Cross words. Thanks for introducing it !
        And if you want another one, I downloaded a fantastic app : it is montessori with very cute drawings and plenty of activities : you can count and play, you can write the numbers, there is an exercise with the number rods, it is very rich and my children are always asking for it ! the name is "Tam and Tao in numberland". It is good beacause both my 3 years old and my 5 years old can play with it (and sometimes together !)
        And I am still looking for some more !!

  1. Montessori is a learning method based concrete learning children experience concepts (colors, shapes, letter sounds) with their senses and then generalize them. In a Montessori classroom, children have access to a large quantity of material developed by Maria Montessori based on observations she made during several years. Each material explores one concept. It is a very natural way of learning. Often, children don't even realize that they are working and in Montessori, children love to work because it is very rewarding for them to move on to the next piece of material.
    This method allows teachers to follow children individually meaning that each child's rhythm is respected and all the three year olds in one classroom are not doing the same material.
    It is quite difficult to transpose Montessori to a screen because there is a lot of "touching" in a Montessori classroom but the iPad/iPhone offers a good enough level of interactivity: sound, reaction to touch…
    I've downloaded the Montessori Crosswords and to be honnest, a part from using the same coloured letters as Montessori, the app has nothing of the Method in it.
    Montessorium and Tam & Tao in Numberland are far more educative and faithfull to Dr Montessori's method.
    Hope this helps!

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