More Evidence of Microsoft Office for iPad in the Works

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This week there are new reports that highlight more evidence of Microsoft Office coming to the iPad and iOS next year. Apparently numerous references to Office apps for iPad and iPhone have been found on Microsoft’s support site.

A MacRumors piece on Monday described what sort of hints are being seen:

One example is a document addressing custom numeric formats in Excel. On the support site for the United States, the document is listed as applying to Excel 2013, while on theFrench support site it is incorrectly listed as applying to Excel for iPad. Searches for similar phrases throughout Microsoft’s support site yield a number of other references, including “Excel for iPad”, “PowerPoint for iPad”, and “Office Mobile for iPhone”.

These rumors have been around for a long time now and seem to have more and more strength to them as the months go by. I think they make perfect sense and I only wonder why it is taking Microsoft so long to make this obvious move. I’ve said for a long time that I believe Microsoft loses out much more by not selling Office on iOS than the Apple ecosystem loses by not having it there. If and when they do bring Office to iOS I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they earn more money on it than they do on selling Surface tablets.

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2 thoughts on “More Evidence of Microsoft Office for iPad in the Works”

  1. I read elsewhere today that Microsoft is attempting to negotiate with Apple regarding their 30% commission. Perhaps this process has caused further delays.

  2. I suspect MS would give away the app and it would have basic read only functions, then a paid office 365 subscription, that just happens to allow editing in the iPad app would make it truly functional.

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