Mr. Reader for iPad Updated, Multiple Accounts Support and Lots More

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Mr Reader for iPad

Mr. Reader, the Google Reader / RSS app for iPad, has had a recent update – to Version 1.9.

This is a jam-packed update, with a ton of new features and enhancements to the app. These are a couple of the new features that I found most interesting:

— Support for multiple Google Reader accounts.

— Ability to define templates for connected apps and services in the app’s settings – including Twitter, OmniFocus and Things.

Here’s the (very) full change list for this update:

• Support of multiple Google Reader accounts added. Tapping the email address of the currently logged in user opens the user manager dialog box.
• Added SendTab ( as a new service to open article websites on other devices
• Additional browser options: Open in Opera Mini, Open in Sleipnir
• Buffer: You can now post your messages immediately without using the Buffer queue
• Twitter, Buffer, OmniFocus, Things: Define templates in the settings for their respective apps
• Pinboard: Bookmarks can be added with the ‘mark as unread’ flag
• Theme Editor: Mr. Reader can now create the preview images for you. Previously you must take a screenshot, scale it down and upload it.
• Twitter: Devices with iOS 5 and higher use the Twitter-Framework of iOS
• Article Viewer: Auto-hyphenation of words can be activated in the ‘Article View’ settings
• Article Viewer: Adjust the line height in the “font” dialog
• Article Viewer: tapping on the article title opens the original website
• Article Viewer: added a history back button to the Thumbpad (only visible when a history exists)
• Article Viewer: fast thumbpad users or users with thick thumbs get an info when they have reached the end
• Article Viewer: added the entries Open and Copy Link URL to the menu when you use tap and hold on an image that is also a link. As one example, this can be used on an RSS icon to copy the feed URL to the clipboard.
• Article Viewer: expanded the hit area of the navigation buttons
• Article Viewer: new option to define if the button to close the article viewer should be shown on left or right side
• Article Viewer: new option to define the Thumbpad buttons arrangement
• Article Viewer: new option to disable the confirmation dialog shown when you tap on a link that opens another App (App Store App etc.)
• Search: the articles table now shrinks automatically in portrait mode when you start typing your search
• Search: when you open the search, the focus is now automatically set in the search field
• When you force a favicons reload, favicons are now displayed immediately
• Error sounds added when any services fails
• Buffer: added the shared URL Shortener configuration to the Buffer settings
• URL Shortener: abandoned the cumbersome API key solution for bitly, you can now sign in with your username and password
• New option in Miscellaneous to display the last synchronization date absolute or relative (relative is the new default)
• When you open a folder you can show “All Items” or only the “Unread Items” (<- NEW) of this folder
• New option in ‘Miscellaneous’ to define if the folders should be shown above or below the feeds
• Articles table: starred or tagged feed items that are older than the set ‘keep read items’ value are now hidden
• Updated to the April 24, 2012 Facebook SDK

And here’s an App Store link for Mr. Reader; it’s priced at $3.99.

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