Mr Reader RSS App Updated, Redesigned for iOS 7

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Mr Reader iPad app

The Mr. Reader RSS app for iPad just got a big update yesterday, to Version 3.0. It’s been redesigned for iOS 7 and now includes support for 9 RSS sync services – including Feedly, Feedbin, Fever, Feed Wrangler and more.

This update includes a slew of new features and improvements – these are some that I find particularly interesting:

Coast by Opera added to the browsers section. I’m a huge fan of the Coast browser, it’s great to see it as an option to open article links in.

— A few new fonts have been added for use when viewing articles, including Avenir.

— Automatic background sync and a pull-down gesture to start sync.

Here’s the full change list for Version 3.0 of Mr. Reader for iPad:

• Redesigned for iOS 7 (Mr. Reader now requires iOS 7)
• New app icon
• Support for devices with 64-bit processor
• Automatic background synchronization (disabled by default)
• Aol Reader added as an additional RSS sync service. Article tagging support is not currently implemented but will be added once the API is updated to provide the necessary functionality
• New service: Add to Safari Reading List
• The Feedbin API endpoint is now editable (Feedbin can be installed on your own server)
• Pull down gesture added to start a synchronization
• Facebook: Share articles with ‘Friends of Friends’ added
• Added ‘Avenir’ as a new article viewer font
• Added ‘OpenDyslexic’ as a new article viewer font
• Added ‘PT Serif’ as a new article viewer font
• Fever: Trust self-signed SSL certificates added
• Additional ‘Article View’ option to specify if links should be opened inside Mr. Reader or directly in one of the configured 3rd party browsers/Safari
• The table settings can now be set for each folder/feed individually
• Added ‘Coast by Opera’ to the browsers section
• Image Caching: Added notifications to inform you about the “finished” or “cancelled by iOS” state when running in the background. You can disable the notifications in the Synchronization settings
• Added the ability to share via AirDrop on devices that support AirDrop
• Image Caching: Starts immediately when, for example, an article is starred and auto download is enabled in the synchronization settings. Previously caching would only start after a synchronization or when started manually
• If offline image caching is enabled, and all article images are cached, then they will be used to create the article thumbnail when offline
• Changed the sync order of the Google Reader API compatible aggregators. There were some unread/read state problems with extremely frequently updated feeds
• Articles table: When you switched from “show all” to “show only unread articles” Mr. Reader did not always hide the read articles
• Toodledo: Using a undocumented method to create notes without getting the error 414 (URL too long)
• Instapaper mobilizer fix
• The image caching was sometimes in an invalid state

Mr Reader app icon

I have to say I quite like the new icon too.

Here’s an App Store link for Mr. Reader; it’s priced at $3.99 – and now requires iOS 7.

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