NBA Game Time Courtside for iPad Updated for NBA Playoffs and Finals

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NBA Game Time Courtside for iPad

NBA Game Time Courtside for the iPad – the NBA’s official iPad app – was updated yesterday, to Version 3.2.

This update brings support for the NBA Playoffs and Finals, which kick off this weekend.

Support for the 2012 NBA Playoffs and Finals!
Enhanced Playoff Bracket
Series Views for every matchup.

This app was a pick for Best Free iPad of the Week back in January and it’s a very good one. It’s good to see a timely update for NBA playoff season. I’ll definitely be rooting for the OKC Thunder and taking in some games on my iPad in coming days and weeks (and months the way the NBA playoffs go these days).

Here’s an App Store link for NBA Game Time Courtside; it’s still a free app.

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  1. can you get the playoff games on your Ipad if I’ve purchased the League Pass. If so, what are the steps.

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