Netflix for iPad Updated: New Features to Help with ‘Binge Watching” TV Shows

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Netflix iPad app

The Netflix iPad app was updated yesterday, adding new features that are said to help us enjoy ‘binge watching’ our favorite TV shows and get the best movie recommendations.

I’m definitely on board with some binge watching when it comes to old and new TV favorites – so these new features sound good to me. Here’s the change list for this Version 4.1 update:

• Added post-play feature for iPad where, when one episode of a TV show ends, the Netflix app automatically cues and then starts the next episode
• In post-play for movies, the three best movie recommendations are displayed at the end of the movie currently being watched
• Added enhanced second screen options

That first feature – the auto cueing and starting of a TV show’s next episode – is a very handy one. I’m also intrigued by the mention of enhanced second screen options. I’m looking forward to trying out this update over the weekend. 

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