New iPad Apps: Outline – OneNote Notebook Reader

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Outline – OneNote Notebook Reader (and lets just call it Outline from here on) is the first OneNote reader app designed for the iPad (at least that I’m aware of).

It’s a native app that works with OneNote files on the iPad.

Here’s its impressive looking feature list:

▪ Your pages look exactly the same as in OneNote on your PC. All your data is rendered natively for iOS by Outline, including tables, links, inks and all other original formatting.
▪ We care about your content – we even support many popular Windows fonts in iOS for you. We don’t yet render all of those crazy mathematics symbols, but we will soon!
▪ Sync via USB. You don’t need to expose your notes to the internet or wifi networks anymore. Transfer your sensitive information directly to your device via USB cable.
▪ Easily access your notebooks from Mail messages, web pages in Safari or any other iOS application.
▪ Blazingly fast syncing. Tired of waiting for hours syncing your large notebooks? Outline syncs them in minutes!
▪ No registration required. No additional software or service required. – Just start using the app.
Exclusively designed to get the most from your iPad.

▪ User interface optimized for iPad 10 inch multi-touch screen
▪ Both portrait and landscape screen orientations are supported.
▪ Your full screen mode lets you most easily work with large pages.
Quickly find information you need using built-in Search, Bookmarks and Recent page list.
▪ Search. Start typing and you instantly see all your notes that match. Search everywhere: in text, in images, and even in handwriting.
▪ Recent Pages. Quickly access the pages you viewed recently, even from different notebooks.
▪ Bookmarks. Why don’t the other apps let you bookmark pages for quicker access? This feature is unique to Outline.

Back in my days as a Windows user OneNote was one of my favorite apps. It has since been replaced by Evernote and other Mac and web-friendly apps, but I still love the gorgeous interface of OneNote.

Outline looks like a useful companion app for anyone who’s a keen OneNote user – and it’s a free app.

Here’s an App Store link for Outline – OneNote Notebook Reader.

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